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Agenesis literally means a (not)-genesis (developed). The Borg IS the power-brain damaged such it is subhuman whether ye be top dog or bottom dog the power-stress generates limited access to the higher genius and spiritual qualities of the whole HUman.

The corpus callosum is a central bundle of nerve fibers connecting the left and right hemispheres of the brain, thought to be involved in motor, sensory, visual, problem solving and creativity. During adolescence, these nerve fibers thicken and process information with greater efficiently. In a typical brain, corpus callosum functioning becomes much more efficient around ages 10-12, as the callosum mylenates leading to the burdening development of social understanding, social communication, comprehension of non-literal (poetic, symbolic) language, problem solving, executive skills (for example organization, foresight, planning, flexibility in response to novelty and change), novelty seeking, risk-taking, emotion recognition in others, empathy, self-awareness and personal insight.

If the soul of a creature has any one essential loci in the body, it would be the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC). That is the frontal part of the cingulate cortex, which resembles a "collar" around the corpus callosum. The ACC has a key role in monitoring the self and directing attention to perceive the salience of experience and perception, thus it acts to contextualize our experience. The anterior cingulate is involved in the regulation of autonomic activity according to the current context of behavior. It is the most powerful of the cortical suppressor areas and it is also a potent autonomic effector region involved in the subjective experience of emotions. A way to think about the role of the ACC in conflict and error monitoring is that these cognitive processes produce autonomic reactions that signal the requirement for adaptive control of behaviour. Axons emanate more numerously from the right hemispheric ACC, as the limbic system is structurally more expanded in the right hemisphere than in the left. The anterior cingulate cortex is activated in obsessive–compulsive disorder, a condition characterized by excessive focus on real or imaginary problems (ie: worry).

Paranoia and schizophrenia exhibit a reduction in error sensitivity in the right anterior cingulate cortex, along with increased glucose burning associated with free radical damage. Oxidative stress damage in the brain may contribute in part to the pathological process in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, partly due to acidic pH from catabolic-metabolism and a diet low in alkalinizing raw fruit and vegetables. When we are in conditions in which we cannot grow as nature permits then the stress load imposed by “limitations” (be they social, economic, political, religious or imaginary) causes a metabolic backlash at the energy generating level of the mitochondria in which an inefficient production of ATP produces excessive free radicals that lead to defective or abnormal development. Such malformation or dysgenesis lies at the heart of the learned helplessness of all individuals and populations that are under the duress of pathological power, or terrorized by imaginary demons. Rendering…” distortion/feedback in the ACC and continuous replay of unresolved wounding (i.e. perpetual victim outlook) through limbic system is what runs the train off the tracks.” David Weiss

I came across the ACC in Nov'2008 when suffering power abuse from a boss I had a sleepless night and heard an article on rejection and the ACC on the BBC. This was the key information that kicked off the writing of the Awakening Sovereignty series. I learnt about how rejection lights up the anterior cingulate cortex, which is the tissue around the corpus callosum and inhibits dopamine in this area; blocking dopamine receptors through the antagonism of the receptors. This denervation or anti-dopamine reaction chemically lobotomizes the hemispheres to prevent emotional distress from the right-hemisphere and the emotional-stomach-brain from interfering with the functioning of the adaptive, analytical left-hemisphere that is needed to make logical, calculated decisions in times of crisis.

You may observe that there is an automatic split-second anaesthetizing schism of consciousness that occurs in situations of social distress and during shock in general. The principle leap I made in working out the biomechanics of the hierarchal status stratified culture, is that it is rejection or "self-hatred" that is the underlying destabilizing, neurologically castrating phenomena on which the degenerative processes of pre-sovereign civilization are built. Self censure, shame, guilt, self-hatred, self-disgust, depression, insecurity, isolation, self-ridicule and self-criticism become the chains holding back the individual through the socially conditioned pre-judiced against one’s self.  Self-hate, self-rejection, self-unforgiveness are methods of self-lobotomy we use to hide from the responsibility of showing up as our sovereign, cosmic or Real Self.

Heal this faster than light automatic reaction of self-hate or other-hate and the mechanisms of manipulation, control, bullying, terrorism and seduction that constitute the psychological "glue" of pyramid society are exposed and undone. Leaving the individual "free" to determine their own fate beyond mere reactivity to unconscious stratification regimes of class, status, and power established within the collective human psyche over millions of years.

As the cognitive and affective judicial center the anterior cingulate cortex registers both empathy and rejection. We can interpret rejection and exclusion as a form of negative empathy or antipathy. This is the key to understanding the level of health of the biochemistry of selfhood or sovereignty and human community. That the Anterior cingulate cortex lights up during the emotion of rejection is the key to the loss of “Selfhood” for it seems that low dopamine utilization in the bridge between the two hemispheres due to repeated episodes of self or other rejection is undoubtedly associated with the pain, numbing, depression, torpor, stagnation and loss of self-confidence.

We all have probably experienced a loss of cognitive acuity when we experience “self-error” by feeling rejected by others or ourselves. Through the shocking jolt that occurs during the self-anaesthetizing experience of others rejecting us or chronic self-rejection, we are neurochemically lobotomizing ourselves. Through such neuro-dygenesis, in a very real sense, we are cognitively retreating from our existence and openness to our environment. This break in inter-hemispheric communication occurs in an effort to reduce the pain carrying electrical charge from the emotional right brain/limbic system from entering our left-brain ego-adaptive brain. In undergoing this shock-numbing repeatedly we essentially brain damage ourselves into a domiciliate trance—a dissociated removal from the intensity of reality and thus inadvertently prevent our Whole integrated and creative self from emerging and developing. Consequently abdicating from our spiritual life. The unfortunate victims of prefrontal lobotomies lost not only their anxieties, but also their sense of self.

It is this brain damage whether through self-inflicted lobotomizing shock or exposure to injustice by tyrannical others that perpetuates the dominance and submission chemistry of the negative pyramid-power that has largely formulated the structure and destiny of human civilization to date. The biochemical lobotomy of reduced dopamine utilization around the corpus callosum will probably be revealed by science to occur during most if not all “shock” events…be it physical, mental or emotional shock…and whether the stressor be chronic or acute. This shock-block may be the principle means by which we remain divided and less than a whole HUman though our exposure to ongoing stress, inequality and injustice. We see here one of the mechanisms by which we “pull back” from the sharp edge of the proprioception of life and diminish our self integration in the process. Since our primate origins the toxic power of the master/slave social structures, social institutions and social practices self-perpetuates the schism of hemispheric lobotomy. Thus to overcome the dominant/submission social model requires that we address this self-shocking mechanism. 

Equality, sovereignty and indeed evoluton necessitates practices, processes and philosophy to fortify the Whole person.

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