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 What does "the Uraeus connection to the cosmos" look like; how is it experienced; what might foster such a process?

The umbilical connection the cosmos IS the spiritual level of the HUman, which arises through sublime connectivity on all levels from Zeropoint to Godhead. Thus said, we can easily see the nottwo of Mind, Matter, Energy and Spirit...hence we ARE the Universe. As we awaken to this fact we realize (real eyes) the fact that I and the Father (Spirit) are One. In the beginning the development of the spiritual connection is brought about through removing all that blocks and diverts the grand synthesis of the apotheosis...the moment spiritual "epiphany" when the Subject of your Consciousness becomes the Object of it. The atonement (attunement) of Christ (Christos) is divinization, deification, making divine, or theosis. It literally means to become more divine, more like God, or to take on the divine nature through the transforming effect of divine grace. This divine or Universal being is within us now, but kept from us by the black sludge of material culture and our own resistance to the Light.

In unveiling the Grail and giving way to the universal…“The two or twin extremes are embraced as a harmonic or complimentary whole...where does that imply neutral?” Arik Redman on Jan-1-00 9:49pm

The realization of universal objectivity, detachment, neutrality, fair witnessing or spiritual dominion is the ultimate aim of life, thus this is the principle drive. The fact that all human beings are not already enlightened is due to the fact that we are socialized to go after the material crumbs under the table instead of going directly for the spiritual banquet on the table. Ironically when we are wholly consumed by 3D impulses and substitution gratifications we become numb and dumb and we lose our freedom and power to create our world according to that which feeds and supports the highest in us.

The more we chase after the lesser drives at the expense of the higher drives the further away from reverence, equanimity and serenity we recede. Meditative focus on our Bindu point brings us back into coherence and sufficiency whereby we have the presence of mind to choose to follow the universal will. Sympathetic Resonance with zero-point energy  acts catalytically to resurrection us as a spiritual Being. When this realization dawns, we are no longer a creature of the physical reality and comes to the sense of the Source/Creator as our own inner spiritual space. Such Soul consummation can only be found on the inside, its an interior journey to the center of the heart. To be looking for it in the world is to set oneself up for perpetual nonfulfillment. If this world is your heart's fulfilment then you must have already found it on the inside so you are not looking to be fulfilled from the external...and so you are...fulfilled.

All the negative and harmful facets of the adaptive personality are compensations for the sense of lack and separation. So rather than trying endless Hindbrain means to attain security and power that are clearly unsustainable and never really work, we might as well go straight for the spiritual gold. By focusing on reconnecting the spiritual level of the HUman to the cosmos by building the umbilical connection...this sets us on our spirit roots whereby all thoughts, emotions, actions and experiences further feed our cosmic reconnection. If the culture itself is disconnecting from Nature and Life, then we must disconnect from the death culture...for life comes only from life.

Don't "try hard" to that merely creates tension, severance, exclusion and disallowance that sits like a schism or a buffer between us and the Source, and keeps us forever from dropping into the Self. Hyper-reactivity to duality ultimately paralyzes us into an exhausted fugue in which we lose our faith and capacity to move forward. The impulse for neutrality (stillness) is the attunement and atonement by stopping interference patterns at the deepest level. Neutral here means rising above conditions, unconditional or invincible. The Grail comes from that which is prior to opposites, space-time, all thought, and concepts.

God is a metaphor for this transcendence, it can't be put into words and it cannot be is simply "The Mystery." The opposite of the Mystery is boredom, disinterest, apathy and dissociation. We lose our “interest” in life when we get bogged down and expend our energy in over-reactivity to perceived positive and negative, good and evil. Boredom is due to a lack of newness or novelty through the binding and entropic effect suppressed aggression and frustration. Thus if you are going to carve an interesting path through life you have to be brutally honest with yourself and others...otherwise it is just happenstance stew...which is boring because it is not driven by the higher spiritualized circuits.

During Inner Arts Uraeus Meditation when we turn our eyeballs up to the bindu point of the Uraeus we see an elongated triangle. This triangle comes in the form of a white line that is traced from the outer corners of the eyes to the apex point at the top of the forehead 3” out from the hairline. We may also see an eye in the center of the triangle. Thus there is a spiritual alchemical connection between the symbols of the All Seeing Eye, The Eye of Horus, the elongated triangle, the cone of White Powder of Gold, the Bindu, the Phoenix, the Cobra’s Head and the Obelisk. These symbols are all related to the sovereignty of the noble Self achieved through raising the eyeballs towards the bindu point of the elongated triangle. This redirects all spurious energies to the core wherein the genuine qualities of spiritual eminence come into prominence through the cooperation of the Sacred Marriage. Permitting as it were higher organization through beneficent affiliation, agreement, assistance, congruity, conjunction, connection, consanguinity and engagement.

The Uraeus at the apex of the triangle (pyramid) is unity consciousness, which is not just the complimentary joining and synthesis of the opposite sides of the triangle, but is the transcendence of opposites. The Uraeus is a stargate between the electromagnetic world and the quantum vacuum…our cosmic connection is achieved through the perfect marriage of opposites. A sacred union born of coherency or sublime connectivity, that is communication between all levels from Zeropoint to Godhead. Coming into the clarity of sacred alignment we make the quantum shift to thrival mode and delve into the transcendental chemistry of divine imagination and compassionate action in which the efficacy of the executive forebrain is engaged. Only in the higher fidelity of the noble sovereign state are we consistently working towards the Mystic Civilization. That which sustains builds the sustainable.

Through meditative focus on the Uraeus we become clear and less reactionary, thus energy is able to build and become strong enough for: "Joyous participation in the sorrow of this world." Joseph Campbell. This is not just a balancing act of light and dark, but a transcendence of habitual thought and reactivity to what one assumes to be good and evil in one’s life. Coming back to our Self for the first time is both shocking and laced with the grief over having our soul kept in the cramped dark inside us for so long suppressing our deepest pain and our longest-held yearning. Having forgotten our power and courage to even think an original thought, we have become immobilized and boxed into the known by default. Yet imagination comes before implementation.

It is the responsibility of the sovereign to imagine futures beyond those horizons defined by the dying imperial humanity. And to “engage people in the promise of newness and embark on the crafting of a new reality beyond collective grief, depression and despair. Such distress doesn’t go away simply when we fail to listen to it, it gets buried layer upon layer in the tissues, cells and atoms of our being. Recognition of the hurt of marginalization and inequity (gender, race, age, class etc…) means an end to all social arrangements that had nullified such gnawing pain by a remarkable depth of numbness. Imperial consciousness runs on the default program of “business as usual” despite the pain and numbness, so the transformative power is achieved through active concern for our own numbness to that hurt, thereby subverting the values and assumptions the imperial reality relied upon to maintain itself. 

When applied to society-at-large, active-compassion is expressed as solidarity through recognizing that same helplessness in all those made partial and marginalized within the Borg. If the consumerist empire is a Hindbrain phenomena then it is obvious that the soul-ution is to use Forebrain active-compassion in a living ministry to build an alter-community outside of imperial identity. Such an alternative community is the seed of a new human beginning. The administry of sovereignty happens in the space between clinging to the old ways and yearning for the new. Counteracting the numbness of the empire of consumer culture requires the felt recognition of the passion to be HUman: that is the capacity to care, suffer, sacrifice and die in order to gnostically divine a new world beyond the pathological machinations of negative control. Given half a chance the HUman spirit’s raging drive for wholeness will ultimately push aside all foreign objections, anesthetics and diversions that stand in its way.

In our present dejected state it is hard to imagine an ascending life and ascending culture because our innocence (innersense) has been lost from disappointment through experiencing the constant blights and slights to soul. As soon as we develop the Uraeus connection to the cosmos that allows us to transcend current conditions and we can start to build an ascending life. Since everything we do creates a plethora of conflicting positive and negative effects, we need a certain innocence, naivety or buoyancy to keep us moving on our path. In God or unity consciousness there are no limits. But the most important freedom to acquire is the freedom from our own inner tyrant and order to liberate the genius and energy needed to cocreate a healthy genuinely human society.

Children are not committing suicide because they are spoilt or abused. They don’t want to live anymore because they have been deceived about where we are at as a species and have not been given a big picture context to the human story and their lives. Rather than been bestowed the skills to deal with the broken humanity of a civilization in decline by which they could construct a life for themselves, they are sent off into the world with dreams, fictions and wishes. Thus we destroy our child’s innocence by not preparing them for the world as it exists…through holding them hostage in unchallenging domestic asylum and schools for slave programming. Through presenting them with the great lie that “culture cares” we force them into a life of disillusionment, antithesis and deconstruction by chronic (slow) or acute (sudden) suicide rather than assisting them to create a life that is relevant, appropriate or of interest to them.

Through building a warrior's inner strength to face "Reality as it is" without disappointment or wishful thinking we can assist children to reach a prefrontal maturity through which they will not be undone by their own hyper-reactivity to the sorrows of this world. In assisting children to plainly see that Hindbrain culture is a colossus monster, but that by developing higher HUman functioning we can easily side step the Goliath, we truly serve them to find their straight arrow way in the world. To not be caught up and paralyzed by The Given, but to envision beyond the black mists to passionately, proactively take-charge, we grant our children a license to their own future Made world.

This work of building the objective witnessing in children will have to be undertaken in groups, for it is hard for anyone to stand in the light of their truth when those around them are still believing in fairytales. I am entrusted with all the children of this world, as we all are. Whether we live up to that responsibility or not is the measure of how well we have grown beyond the haunted prison of our trauma conditioned self. Seriously, children need to be brought up in a community of sovereigns in order to naturally be the full HUman that they are. This is simply allowing the evolution of What Is to naturally be without destroying Beauty, Goodness and Truth. It can be done, but we have to deprogram ourselves from the autodestruct mode we were born into in denying, suppressing and diverting the pain we experienced within the barbaric survivalist society.

“The chief of all remedies for a troubled mind is the feeling that among the blessings which Nature gives to man, there is none greater than an opportune death; and the best of it is that every one can avail himself of it” Pliny

“Suicide may also be regarded as an experiment — a question which man puts to Nature, trying to force her to an answer. The question is this: What change will death produce in a man’s existence and in his insight into the nature of things? It is a clumsy experiment to make; for it involves the destruction of the very consciousness which puts the question and awaits the answer.” Arthur Schopenhauer

We are stuck between a wall and a hard place when we avoid people, places and things because they are not real to us, and then we fail to make a life of people, places and things that ARE real to us. The survivalist or rather the thrivalist is one who CREATES the change...not merely adapting or meta-adapting. Slavery is no longer supportable whether they be children, wage slaves, housewives, thirdworld peasants, or military drones. Thus we have no choice but to grow into total liberation, empowerment and the autonomous self-dominion of all individuals...thus establishing the Mystic Civilization.

Higher child rearing entails creating a social vessel in which individuals no longer fear fear and so they become fearless, and are not afraid of truth and so they become truthful. Such a childrearing context would be a hands on learning environment of skill building through doing, inquiry and experimentation. Children would be taught to think, not what to think. They would be taught to enjoy mistakes as valuable information rather than worrying about being wrong. They would be encouraged to develop their soul connection to the Muse so they may have an inner guiding light as to their direction in life.

The children of the new world would be shown the true nature of karma, emotions, nature, purpose, value, relationship and existential perspective. They would learn about the interconnectedness of the sacred geometric structure of the universe and the mathematic correspondence between light, sound and form. They would be sanctioned to design, create and manifest their world around them according to the deepest motivations within. They would acquire a transanthropomorphic understanding of history, and an anthropogenic understanding of the origins of Man. As such they would be able to effortlessly hold the complexity of apparent opposites in their hearts, rather than wear it as a shield to protect themselves from chaos. They would be rooted firmly in the earth, while being married to the stars.

For advanced child rearing inspiration see: Thomas Hubl, John Gatto, Neil Kramer, Rudolf Steiner, Paolo Lugari, Buckminster Fuller, Osho, Krishnamurti, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Walter Russell. Damanhur, Green School Bali.

Utopian Dreams, Tobias Jones  —Book on some of the world’s ecovillages.

The Millennium Quest, A Damanhurian book.

The Prophetic Imagination, Walter Brueggeman

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