Thursday, January 24, 2013


The cocreative genius taps into the trans-normal, transpersonal realm for that is their source, their security, their sustenance and their joy.

Active compassion, or directing energies towards constructive ends via the initiation and use of the heart illuminated prefrontal lobes means that sovereigns don't blame or scapegoat others, nor do they dream up imaginary foes. They accept responsibility for the power of choice in their life…for this is their freedom and their passion. As such they are not coercive, manipulative, seductive or subversive and they are definitely not aggressive...nor are they self-sabotaging, victims, doormats, scapegoats or martyrs. The sovereign is a proactive niche maker, continually refining their environment to support higher HUmanity, but they can also walk through the valley of the shadow of death without fearing evil.

The brighter we shine the greater our power to negate all evil essences, influences, beings or activities. White light meditation has been used for spiritual protection by magicians, alchemists, sorcerers, spiritualists, new agers, spiritual healers, and by psychics and shamans of all cultures. It is said to protect from all forms of psychic attack and from the influence of anyone or anything negative, including the demonic, evil spirits and negative people. Raising our spiritual vibration automatically protects us from lower level energies whether they be real or imaginary, inner or outer. White light meditation actually creates new neural connections in your brain and so you don't have to work as hard or do it quite as often to achieve the same immunity effects. Raising our spiritual vibratory rate, and positive and abundant energy enables us to achieve a higher state of spiritual awareness that automatically protects us from lower level energies.

All meditation acts as health insurance, socioimmunity support and as an adaptogen, so that as we become stronger and fortified against malevolence we no longer have to spend time and energy wasted in regression and repair. A radiant heart is necessary for an enlightened mind and so fear, defense and aggressive offense are contradictory to the expansion and integation of being associated with sovereign will. That is, we cannot transcend The Given unless we can halt our preoccupation or proclivity towards focusing and reacting to the negative, dark and shadow. The animal brain is wired for the default of attending to threat and danger, however to obtain the self-authority of sovereign determinacy we must curb the fear-default and move towards the progressive unfolding of the radiant heart. Any time and energy we spend focusing on the dark, that is not readily convertible to the light, is time and energy wasted on avoiding sovereign mastery and our Self-Made world.

Raising our own frequency creates a high spin-resonance barrier that detaches us from negative telepathic psychic chatter when we are with other people. The brighter our spiritual light and the higher our sense of well-being the less we are drawn into sympathetic resonance with antilife psychic energies. Perfect invincibility and invulnerability requires union with the cosmos and a strong axis mundi between heaven and earth. It is our cosmic connection and spiritual light radiance that constitutes the power to be immune or highly resistant to all forms of external damage and danger. Existential immutability allows us to sustain our spiritual sovereign existence against forces of decay, the evil eye, the vengeance of the Borg and the collapse of civilization. The fact that enlightenment represents immunity also points to the fact that wasting energy on "defense" rather than “self-excellence” is perhaps one of the most common pitfalls to preventing sovereignty in the beginning stages of our journey to self-dominion.

The heart's EM-field is a determining factor in the brain's frequency waves, which determines mood, depth, span and quality of consciousness. Thus our filter and lens is built from the heart-brain relationship. It stands to reason that the brain is the servant of the heart because the heart's field is 10 times greater than that of the brain. Therefore we could say that it is the brain's job to regulate the inner and outer environment so that the heart can live in coherence thereby making a harmonious environment for quality consciousness. Nice little feedback loop between the heart and the brain in manifesting our reality. We would have to be a spiritual genius (ie: sovereign) in order to manifest an open heart and sublime mind in a society of haters. In order to be socially-immune and true to our Self we must raise our median frequency so we can habitually gravitate around the default vibration of love.

“It is not only your physical immune system that becomes strengthened; your psychic immune system is greatly enhanced as well. The latter protects you from the negative mental-emotional force fields of others, which are highly contagious. Inhabiting the body protects you not by putting up a shield, but by raising the frequency vibration of your total energy field, so that anything that vibrates at a lower frequency, such as fear, anger, depression, and so on, now exists in what is virtually a different order of reality. It doesn't enter your field of consciousness anymore, or if it does you don't need to offer any resistance to it because it passes right through you. Please don't just accept or reject what I am saying. Put it to the test.” ~ Eckhart Tolle (Power of Now)

Moving forward is a matter of using foresight or vision logic to place oneself in the time continuum between past and future. Transcendence or foresight is your psychic immune system that protects you from dissonant, discordant consciousness fields of others. If situations, relationships or communities are so toxic that exposure to the lower frequency mental-emotional fields dis-integrate and undermine our capacity for wholeness then it is essential that we move away from this negative energy. Even hanging out too much with lower memes can be disruptive to our ability to maintain the integrity of our being. If we allow ourselves to be degraded and discombobulated then we ultimately bring down the All. We can accomplish very little indeed under the burden of Borg insanity, and so once freed from this insidious spiritual gravity, we recover our enthusiasm and energy for LIFE!...and proceed more quickly towards the ideal vision of our destiny.

It is interesting that modern civilization is actually decivilizing in that it is mutating and devolving our DNA. The sins of "progress" in removing us from the integration/integrity of nature and Spirit (light, lifeforce and soul) literally necessitate a reversal of the socalled arrow of progress. That is to recover Eros we must return to The Garden if we expect to get to the stars in one piece. The reason why we must retrace our steps to remove the devolving aspects of civilization is that so much of our advancements for convenience and comfort actually create a domino effect of systems collapse in the environmental, physical, mental and spiritual domains. Thus in our ignore-ance we are systematically wrecking our cosmos even AS we apparently evolve into it. Of course there is a way to be in a human body and in the universe without such wholesale destruction...and when we discover how to do that only then could we be called a conscious and God-loving, Eros abiding species.

Revisiting the supreme intelligence of nature and cosmogenesis is not a regression by any means. To not do so is to wield a barbarian club through manifest existence and condemn ourselves to being an eternally violent species. Such a species is doomed to self-induced extinction via the accumulated karmic backwash of applied ignorance. Hubris may yet be the downfall of Man, just as it may have been the downfall of multiple species of hominids before us. The further we go down the road of anti-Phi, anti-Nature technology, the faster we fall into an ever deepening trance of mental resistance  to cosmic intelligence and  artifice, fakery, falsity or basically “incorrect” perception from which we may never recover our collective sanity. For example...mental illness is a given in a cooked food culture. 

We must become our own parent, leader and savior in a society that doesn’t acknowledge the orthodoxy of the cosmic or sovereign illumination of the individual. Herdmind is bound by a survivalist moral altruism in which an individual has no right to exist for their own sake, but that service to others is the only justification of his existence. This self-sacrifice as opposed to self-actualization lies at the core of our collective spiritual retardation. The darkside of the Hindbrain society is built on usury, cheating, extortion, threat, brain-damage, sexual harrassment, soul-prostitution, self-negation and other fallen modes of thought and behavior. This represents a more primitive, maladaptive, overcompensating coping style to not having our spiritual developmental needs met.

Schema Therapy developed by Dr. Jeffrey E. Young assumes that early maladaptive schemas and modes arise when core needs are not met. Some basic needs that have been identified are: connection, mutuality, reciprocity, flow, autonomy, sovereignty and being "seen." The grand existential double bind in living within a fallen culture is that our maladaptive schemas and coping styles constitute a way of being and personality disorder that condemns us to such a low unstable reactions/behaviors and hypersensitivity to "triggers" that elicity self-destructive reactions. Thus by not being “lucid” in the collective dream that reinforces victimization and loss of sovereign agency keeps us forever bound to an ambiguous, incomplete, incoherent, intangible unintelligible nightmare of existence - trapped in a “malevolent universe,” because we failed to claim the right to our own happiness. To learn how to be a non-sacrificial individual is the governing principle of human evolution and the path to enlightened civilization.

Maladapting to the power-pyramid can only ever collapse our sense of well-being and thrival, even if it is only by selling our soul in order to climb up the sordid thing. If we submit to Metabolic X, power-poison and mortification then this is both pre-moral, presovereign behavior, that is one and the same as the self-inflicted mediocrity of the Borg. Dominion as a spiritual denomination is the most corrosive force to the structure of the power pyramid - in which case the sovereign may be accused of being competitive, divisive and militant when they are purely trying to maintain their own self-determination. The sovereign is attempting piety, authenticity and their truth, not to inflict it onto others, but to maintain their integrity within the maelstrom of dehumanization, homogeny and pressure to conform. Soul is not a religion it is a way of being. Evangelizing sovereignty is giving the finger to people who already believe that they own themselves and are on point. Thus sovereignty is a hidden practice, or un-practice as mostly what we are doing is stripping away that which is not us.

By saying we are sovereign, and not enlightened or a messiah, we might get by with a simple hair pull and punched nose, as it is too nebulous and unformed a concept to throw sticks and stones at, and presovereigns' may be very irked that they can't manipulate us like they are used to doing. But pandering to the lowest common denominator represents the height of tyranny. If you know who you are and what supports your growth and are on track actually creating your niche in which you can give your greatest gift and be who you really are...then boundaries become about clearly communicating your direction and not dallying too long with travelers that are going in a very different path to you. As we become a connoisseur of life that which doesn't suit our tastes (vibration) more quickly leaves our territory. Being a connoisseur helps us to stay on our sovereign track.

Don't compromise yourself for attention, acceptance or for the sake of media promotion or the applause of the crowd. The connoisseur doesn't compromise because he or she is always already OK. The hungry ghost races around looking for affection, attention, validation and meaning because the presovereign is an "outer-seeker," looking for succor and security in the world. But there is no outer-satiety for those with inner hunger, for inner-deficiency can never be met and filled from the outside, except under rare and sacred circumstances when the seeker has already done their work. Become a destiny creator and quickly we realize that manifesting reality is an inside job. It is not that the outer world is "meaningless" it is just that "meaning" is something that only we can give to our existence through the epicurious talent of coming alive to our sovereign Self. In order to give people back to themselves, we must first give ourselves back to our self. For we can't share the light, if we haven't already found it. What is our relationship to the currency of life?

Money one could equate with lifeforce, mana, the elixir of life, Eros, Spirit, Heart, bliss, honey, soul-facilitation, juice, get up and go, joy, cocreativity and SOVEREIGNTY. Thus if we are lacking money to fulfill our life dharma we might like to consider where the blocks to our enthusiasm lie, and what are we going to do about it. The conspiracy of ignore-ance that underlies commercial Flatland began at the beginnings of civilization. To overcome the hypnotic effect of status, gender, race, class, age, and our place of usefulness as a cog in the machine we must in effect rewild ourselves. We are NOT who we ourselves, others or the collective tell us we are. So what are we and how do we find out? To an extent we can begin to find out who we are by the revitalization and the inner marriage to impart more light (soul) in our bodymind, living for periods in nature, and also by imagining who we might be in a super advanced society on a different planet or far in the future. The only way we can emancipate ourselves from the matrix of The Given is to strip away the blinders of the conspiracy of ignore-ance and to imagine what life would be like in The Made world of our most life giving dreams.

Our life's journey is always to the core of our Being. How successful we are at defining and refining who we are, sets us apart from the cult of culture - so that we may be cosmically inspired, and not just bandying about in the mosh pit of collective chaos. The connoisseur has no desire for sweaty mosh pits. Happiness is not a matter of "things or experiences" it is a matter of discriminating taste for Phi frequency...for the cosmic human or "Christ" is an exquisitely blissed, blessed and gracefilled creature. To be a connoisseur is to Grok your place in the stream of existence...that is to be sovereign.

The term connoisseur comes from the French conoistre "to know." It is also associated with the Latin gnoscere "to recognize." To see, know and recognize at the Universal or witness level (subtle, causal) is to be Gnostic. That is to BE the universe recognizing know that "I am That" is to be happy for there is no separation between us and God (good). The hallmark of the sovereign is the knowledge that "I am That" or, I AM THAT I AM...thus we appeal or answer to no one but our maker. (Tat Tvam Asi: a Sanskrit sentence meaning of this Universe and Ātman minus its limitations of ignorance-cum-delusion.)

The Borg or Hindbrain human is on its way out because it is delusional, that is not Real in cosmic terms and thus is invariably evolutionarily selected against. In order to maintain a coercive hold over Spirit and life the anti-life regime has to become increasingly ignorant, aggressive and subversive. A culture of denial and nescience is a dying culture because Life is the complexification of integrity towards higher order and depth. The Hindbrain human society cannot be saved because it is homicidal and suicidal and is living for short-term gain, having little foresight or hindsight.

So what is a sovereign to do on a sinking ship, when the ship really must go down for the good of All and the welfare of the earth herself? Those that are awakened are to witness the collapse, save what is good, to rebuild and remember. Ultimately we are here to remember who we are above and beyond what the culture of death has made of us and to be insurgents against the tyranny of the unconscious, dehumanizing beast. The power pyramid is falling as we move beyond the primitive trance of the errant animal to inhabit the whole brain. Our job as a sovereign is to assist in pulling back the mists of time so that all may see more clearly the dawning of the rising sun.

Agenda 21, Codex Alimentarius, Monsanto’s food wars, vaccination, fluoride, aspartame and the thousands of agents of destruction used by Borg civilization to try and manhandle the species and maintain the dark shackles of control cannot work in the end. The reason why the darkside cannot win is because only the lightside has the light-Force on its side, for the evolutionary creatrix force of love (Eros) is the direct opposite of violence, aggression, brainwashing, repression, addiction, regression, oppression, gene-ocide and dehumanization. Active compassion rules in Universal terms…and only active compassion has a divine right to rule in a beneficent universe.

The noble human rules benignly over their “kingdom as themselves” with a true heart for they ARE the center of the universe. The sovereign knows that he who does not believe in himself always lies, and to lie against life is to live in fear. To fear fear is to go down with the ship. And to not Know Thyself is to go down with the ship having never really lived at all. The foresight, insight and compassion of the “whole” HUman allow for the objective witnessing necessary for continuity and the “dark and the fallen” works against the coherency needed for such cosmic alignment.

In my worldview there is no such thing as reincarnation. In my experience we participate in the past and future through the collective the form of psychic nostalgia and future-nostalgia. Imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia by which we remember ourselves into being. In my worldview there is also no such thing as disincarnate spirits...for a spirit exists through the living crystal of a lifeform's body. Thus our demons and spirit guides are part of our own psychic life that arise within the living dream to prompt us forth in our development...both good and bad psychic phenomena can move us forward if we are awake to their message and "act" accordingly, not just simply "react." As such the beneficent leadership of prefrontal lobe guidance is not just a new talent to exploit as a Hindbrain plaything, sovereign executive functioning is the survival imperative of the human species.

Lie on your back on the grass with feet facing the sun. Drop the muscles at the back of the tongue, put on the inner smile and feel the air molecules hitting your nostrils as you take throaty breaths. Hold an imaginary spear with the right hand at your right hip (ileocecal valve) and the left hand at your left clavical above the heart. Turn your eyeballs up to the crown of your head and with your breath pull your energy up your body and out the top of your head. Infuse the meditation with your fearless heart energy, while feeling your body sinking into the ground beneath you. 

Take 3 slow deep breaths, making each breath out longer than the breath in before it. Then see and feel White Light coming down from above and entering your body through the top of your head filling every part of your body and mind. Fill any dark places and spaces within you with the White Light until your body and your mind are completely full and radiating with the White Light. See and feel it pouring forth from your solar plexus and your heart especially.

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