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Compliance of the Compulsive Consumer and the Rectification of the Corpse Economy 

The Hindbrain commodified culture maintains its power abuses through ignorance and denial in the same way a drug addict is stuck in an uncontrollable repetitive habitual loop. Addiction thrives in an environment of reckless ignorance, indifference and denial, which masks unconscious shame and guilt. We seek stimulus for the dopamine high — regardless of how. Whether you are a Gambler, Alcoholic, Sex Addict, Shopaholic, or Workaholic — its all the same buzz. The dopamine addiction of power abuse and the craving to win also runs in cycles of accumulating triggers, which build the hunger (need, desire), instigating the crisis (the hit of power abuse), enjoying the high, coming down and feeling remorse, then shame and blame, and finally depression which sets the stage for the next cycle. The denial of addiction is an extreme form of normal repression that goes hand in hand with the defense mechanism of emotional repression that is held in place through addiction. Thus we repress the fact that we are repressing ourselves. Hence nescience becomes the "norm."

Emotional responses are largely generated unconsciously. Even when the amygdala (attraction vs. aversion) is activated by the cortical sensory systems, the processing occurs unconsciously. So if we are using our addictions to self-medicate our emotions and the processing of emotions largely occurs unconsciously, then both emotional self-knowledge and control over our addiction is inaccessible to conscious volition. Addiction is characterized by compulsive or uncontrollable drug craving, risk seeking, and abuse that persists even in the face of extremely negative consequences.

In the development of the sense-of-self the feedback mechanism that permits conscious awareness of emotional processes is accessed at the level of sovereignty…ie: individuation and spirituality. Whereas the Hivemind (the Borg) is basically the institutionalization of emotional repression for the short-term gain of maintaining the status quo of material resources and power. Thus values, norms, ideals and feelings substantialize or legitimize the particular framing of our social order and social control around addictive consumption practices. The fact that our addiction to the culture of self-repression functions at an unconscious level prevents the spiritual (prefrontal lobe) growth that would overcome the disenfranchisement. Hence nescience is an inverse self-fulfilling destiny of self-negation. That is we do not know what we do not know.

Embedded in a culture of self-repression, we fail to become privy to the activity occurring in unconscious processing systems, thus we have little awareness of our fallen condition and nor do we have access to the higher executive and spiritual capacities of the full HUman by which we could avoid the negative consequences of our collective unconsciousness and broken social systems. To be assimilated within the Hivemind of a broken human culture we have to suppress both our subconscious and superconscious minds, setting the little % of our conscious mind adrift in a turbulent sea of bad choices, with no rudder or sails. While we continue to self medicate with the stimulants, painkillers, distractions, biocides, dead foods, and toxic relationships that numb the trifling % of our conscious mind we have left, we submit to death by slow spiritual poison from the snake bite of a dying culture. The West certainly needs help individuating, but Eastern and Third World countries need even more help in transcending the brain-retarding cage of the Hivemind so the that full, whole or sovereign HUman can emerge without untold and endless suffering.

The sovereign individual must therefore come to “Know Thyself” and how the animal body is designed for the subterranean processing of unconscious emotional and visceral responses and behaviors. In particular the sovereign must Grok that addictions are unconsciously derived and that conscious control or willful choice has little utility in prevention or treatment. In order to unplug from the pathological grid of the death culture we must undertake a systematic reconstruction of the whole HUman from the soil up and resurrect the axis mundi to unite heaven and earth. If we fail in our task at redeeming the human species we will revert ever more to a society of hungry ghosts, who through pervasive trauma and neglect spread an epidemic of dopamine deficiency, deprivation and addiction down through countless eons of generations to come.

Hungry Ghosts have large, empty bellies and small mouths and can never get enough so they are always hungry and empty, always seeking satisfaction on the outside. Thus by defaulting on our HUmanness we breed a population of involuntary victims to the pushers of drugs, chemicals, cosmetics, brands, gadgets and all manner of idle consumerism. All because we reneged on compassionate care and refused to grow up and take responsibility for the precious gift of our own existence and the continuum of life. Compassion for ourselves supports our compassion for others. As we open to the truth within, we hold a safe place of healing for others.

If humanity dropped into the sleep of nescience many millennia ago then to awaken from the nightmare we must heal the self/world schism through increased sentience, expression, development and actualization. Liberation from the unconscious consumer culture requires self-actualization and spiritual maturation. Sovereign evolution demands that our focus has to shift from healing to wholing...from nurturing wounds, to supporting growth and development. Otherwise the epiphytic limbic brain fails to mature and gets caught up in a narcissistic vortex of self-absorbed scab picking. This paralyzing preoccupation is a type of existential post-traumatic stress disorder in which the greatest aspiration is to be an adult infant and to be "looked after" by the big daddy in the sky, by the state or some other parental figure.

Through what little volition we have left, and by our each of our life-positive actions, we are creating the transformational prism for the HUman of the future. We have no choice BUT to grow up…and in the end, that is our greatest pleasure. In truth, we have skills, gifts and divine capacity way beyond our wildest imaginations. We need to reboot the Matrix and reframe the human.

The awakening sovereign develops honesty around the deficent self and so develops “objective distance” from compulsively pursuing behaviors that have a negative impact on themselves or others. Spiritual awakening is no more and no less than a human being claiming his or her own full humanity.

“Withdraw allegiance from the old categories of the Negative (law, limit, castration, lack, lacuna), which the Western thought has so long held sacred as a form of power and an access to reality. Prefer what is positive and multiple, difference over uniformity, flows over unities, mobile arrangements over systems. Believe that what is productive is not sedentary but nomadic.” – Michel Foucault

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts : Close Encounters with Addiction, by Gabor Maté, M.D.

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