Sunday, January 6, 2013

Force of Habit Vs. The Law of Sufficiency

 To avoid creating a reality that is paradoxical or contrary to our desires, we must first vibrate in the frequency of “fullness” around the object of desire and understand the nature of predisposition to e-motivation. The Borg state is held transfixed in the holding patterns of our physical matrix. Our own aggression makes us bored, down-trodden, defensive, worried, depressed and fearful. Holding patterns in people that have been abused, shamed, used, exploited and traumatized produce the Force of Habit we see in and around us as the Borg trance. It is though most people are asleep and simply carrying out learned behaviors in an effort to get basic needs met… what Maslow called deficiency needs: esteem, friendship and love, security, power/status and physical needs. Poverty, Maslow argues, may result from any one of these needs being frustrated, denied or unfulfilled.

Poverty is ultimately a failure of imagination (spiritual illumination) and diminished creative self-sufficiency caused by the Force of Habit of the Borg trance. If we rashly react to the world as it habits itself around us, easily triggered by attraction and aversion, then we are still in the condition of accumulating karmic sewage. That is we are at the mercy of conditions rather than transcendent of conditions. In a presovereign culture we can expect to experience most people we meet to be operating in reflex from their deficiency needs and their psychosomatic armor. If we relate to them in kind then we blindly succomb to the Force of Habit and are under the sway of the rules and expectations of the Borg. The poverty, deprivation and karmic sewage of Hindbrain dominance keeps us locked in an innocent prisoner's dilemma unable to grow beyond our own reactivity, despite all our good intentions, higher ideals and spontaneous pre-reflective self-consciousness.

Our own aggression prevents the realization of ourselves as a free conscious entity by undermining transcendence, and manifesting a partial actualization despite our intellectual attempts and lofty ideals. Faith is belief, and the coward unable to open his heart to transcendence can fall into bad faith through the false promise that "he is courageous" as an everpresent truth, when in reality it is still a mere possibility. When we realize that our belief in something produces a self-contradictory concurrent knowledge of doubt or non-belief, we establish a truly free or transcendent will. We thus develop a pure and prudent heart and become fearless because we know our courage must be exercised on the battlefield in order to be Real-ized as empirical sensible action in time (factum phänomenon). Transcendence is not denial, justification, righteousness or immunity, so much as it is the strength of the heart proven by the hard won test of Reality. The ability to overcome our own aggression through heart intelligence is necessary to “transcend” against threatened attacks, interference, usurpations, limits, trespass and mischief, thereby effecting a practical morality in the causal world. The fixity of the Borg trance is unraveled by the power of the heart.

To gain lift off speed from pathological power and benumbed deprivation we must flood an abundance of spiritual illumination through every cell and have the imagination to be patient and beneficent with those still struggling inside the Matrix of the Force of Habit. Then to become everything that we are capable of becoming we focus on our higher needs for strength, competence, mastery, self-confidence, independence and freedom. Raising our energy frequency beyond reactive mind towards creative imagination constitutes the beginning of the spiritual life.

Poverty mentality or scarcity is the delusion of the spiritually lazy, born from a Hindbrain view of existence. Because the competitive, seductive, manipulative and threatening tactics of the trance of the Borg brain damages both perpetrator and victim alike, the fullness and the optimal frequency of wholebrain functioning is disintegrated and dismembered. Thus if you live in a Hindbrain society you end up doing everyone else’s spiritual "work" for them and still end up getting screwed. Unless a both parties of a relationship (or a sangha) are "sovereign informed" and working towards soul exploration and Muse expression...then the Hindbrain machinations of the Borg will always put a lid on growth. Hence relationships in conventional society are invariably partial, temporary and terminal.

Love ignites being to its “depth” potential. We see therefore, the need to find others with a similar passion for depth, and to join up with sovereigns around the globe to ultimately create a new society that is not toxic to humanization and the evolution of consciousness. The worst thing a sovereign can do is to "marry" themselves to others that are spiritual dwarfs, due to their being too comfortable within the steamy delinquency, primitivism and animalism of the Borg. Spiritual dwarfism is the norm in a dog-eat-dog world, where competition is rewarded and common human decency is scorned.

The reason for our very existence is grow spiritually in love, for without love we are nothing. To love everyone as ourselves, we must love ourselves else our love for others is based on our neediness. By conquering selfishness (love only for self), we can grow, change, grok and radiate love, and so be one with the Whole. One simple act of unselfish love has a geometric ripple effect in time and space.

We can rely on the fact that the toxic Borg society is crumbling under its own weight. But that doesn't mean we have to submit to being dispossessed wasterells lamenting over civilizations lost. The more disenchanted we are with The Given, the faster the path to The Made world arises out of the duststorm of the collapse. The Golden Rule is the governing principle of spiritual maturity. What we GET is what we ARE. We must reclaim and resurrect all words, emotions and functions, for our understanding of all things at the Hindbrain level is fallen and partial compared to the same words, emotions and functions grokked at the sovereign-mystic level. When we "teach" as a sovereign, we help bring the other to their own realization. When we "heal" at the sovereign level, we merely bring other to the activation of their own inner healing. When we "love" as a mystic, we provoke the resonance of love in Other.

Even our understanding of POWER is subject to shallow and deep interpretation depending on which part of the brain is dominant. Arrogance and ignorance breed spiritual bankruptcy and voluntary disenfranchisement, dependency and the Nanny State. It is no surprise that when a country degenerates into imperialism its citizens devolve into a state of collective learned helplessness…for fascism requires the relinquishment of that which makes us noble and human. A population once reverted to survival mode loses the magic, resourcefulness and empowerment of the prefrontal thrival mode. Every single Jedi, including Obi-Wan Kenobi, is an enemy of the Republic, however, Obi-Wan says that the Jedi seek power just as much as the darkside (the Republic, the Galactic Empire) do, but their search is for a different type of power…The Force. That is not power-over, but power-with. The former suppresses what is, and the later reveals what is through meta-vision.

Ruthlessness is a sign of the broken compartmentalized human. Spiritual dwarfism is basically the heartless, survivalist HIndbrain run riot and suppressing all other functions. The presovereign culture is not sustainable because it is eating itself and nature at a geometrically accelerating rate. The more it realizes it is failing, the more cutthroat, dog-eat-dog and feral it gets. It takes a spiritual awakening, with multiple kundalini initiations, detoxification, remorsefulness and rehumanizing practices to salvage our human dignity from the malevolent grip of the brutal, cold-blooded, barbarous deprivation consciousness. The presovereign culture of the broken compartmentalized human is not sustainable, thus there is no alternative but to rectify our relationship to the cosmos and become sovereign.

Deprivation consciousness, and the desire for money as security and power is the root of poverty consciousness, which can never be satisfied and satiated by money, security and power. Poverty consciousness breeds only poverty consciousness. Abundance consciousness creates from an always already fullness and so every decision is satiated with satisfaction and gratitude. Revealing What Is, is the way of the sovereign. Actually arriving on the planet is a good thing, despite our tendency to second guess our existence. Revealing What Is, is the way of the sovereign (or the Jedi). The self-preservation mechanism wants to fight and kill the oppressor with every fiber of your being. Thus you have to let the winds of opposition and resistance play through you like the band The Muse dose. Just don't get stuck in rebellion, but slide quickly over to celebration, for only that builds cerebralization. It is like a song...Introduction, conflict, denouement, resolution. In the expression of your truth you will always want to get your revenge, so you must turn that revenge to the becoming a creative vehicle for spirit. It is the only way to redeem the dark and turn it into the light.

"When an inner situation is not made conscious it appears outside of you as fate." Carl Jung.

Here Jung is referring to the "fateful" nature of reality when we are not a proactively conscious sovereign. On the one hand there is the "isms" and archetypes (gender, age, appearance, race, country, class) that form the structural foundations of our life arena and soul story. If we are not consciously employed and engaged in our own life, then we drift along under-employed by outside circumstances and determined by the "isms" and archetypes that predispose our life myth. Stress occurs when we are not "present" for if we were consciously engaged there would be no fear because life comes up to meet us. Stress, fear and resistance is a sign that we lack the realistic perspective of responsibility for our circumstances. If we stand in stillness without attachment and aversion to our apparent reality our "subjectivity" shifts more towards "objectivity," by which we have the leverage to attain conscious self-determinancy. Our life-purpose is not married to the divine, nor grounded in reality, unless we are actively engaged in the soul’s life and not merely a reactive victim of the winds of happenstance.

Strategy, perspective and objectivity are needed in order to deal with the primitivism of those who are not prefrontally initiated or sovereignty informed. Enormous patience and love is needed for a sovereign to thrive in the Borg world, especially because when presovereigns find out you cannot be manipulated and seduced by their Hindbrain tactics, they will up their game to try and get on top. There game however is strategically Hindbrain and so it is largely predictable, observable and gross (not subtle).

It is pointless being invested in climbing the success ladder in an obsolete civilization...for ultimately the ladder is not going anywhere. However we can be fully engaged in the presovereign world as-it-is if we are acting as a composter, recycler and transmuter of the old world and a gardener, designer and builder of the new culture. That is, by becoming a culture maker and working on societal renewal we automatically rise beyond the state of the passive victim of the errant cultural steamroller. Thus we must constantly be engaged in renewing our own lives, for culture begins at home as we transform the world from within. The winds of happenstance are not arbitrary or ambiguous, we just have to learn to sail them with a PURE HEART and thus claim the determination of our own fate and navigate a sovereign course of action without compulsion.

By being on purpose with free will and freedom, untainted by our negative reaction to the minds and wills of others we are sovereign and we are Whole…and our lives make sense!


  1. I see this posting as making a strong case against the "need to bear arms". The old way was bloody revolution (and that obviously has never worked) - evolution has nothing to do with revolutions, weapons, carrying, and firing back against fire with fire - engaging at that level is playing the game on the hindbrain playing field, lowering oneself to the state of the other the pretenders who live out their lives in fear including fear of death, and failing to rise above.

  2. Yea it is pointless being invested in climbing the success ladder in an obsolete civilization...that means killing your brother for his unobtainioil is a triple fowl against the murder, the victim and the planet.