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The following is an outline for a movie which is ideal for “Light and Magic” type computer graphics and music extravaganza. It is a fast moving symphony of color and sound with perhaps some narration at the beginning and end. This movie is set in the future at the height of the decadent era, the year 2025. The hero of the story, Thete, is making a standard supplies run to the International Moon Base. Thete is the only human out of orbital range at this time.
The main impetus of the movie is a study of the progression and expression of human emotion. It is meant to be a symbolic portrayal of the growth of consciousness in coordinating rationality with emotion, in both the individual and for the whole of mankind. As such it aims to be a tool for integrating and synergizing mankind’s evolution. The movie Thete Test Tube Superman is a psychic laxative intended to cleanse the emotional body of the audience, to prevent individual and global suicide and stimulate hope. It is the pilot in a series which is geared towards enlightening humanity, solving what seems hopeless and giving us a vision of a desirable future.
Thete was developed by his creators to be the personification of the highest aspirations of modern man. Thete is a manmade creation—while having the ultimate rational powers, it is the result of this synthesis that he could not feel emotions. Because emotions are the antennae to the well spring of Universal inspiration Thete was divorced from God Speak. “Only that which is deeply felt can change us...rational arguments alone cannot penetrate the layers of fear and conditioning that comprise our crippling belief systems.” Marilyn Ferguson.  It was only through the Universes synergistic tendency to innate integrity and wholeness that Thete was able to experience human emotion spontaneously by dreaming. Thete’s superhuman biology allowed the Cosmos to give him a dream which initiated him into super-consciousness. The intensity of the dream provided him with the energy and the experience to develop his emotional body. It thus served to integrate his rationality with the will of the universe. Through dreaming the first truly humane creature was born—from the gestating subconscious came a truly world leader. As the movie progresses we see Thete transformed from a purely rational machine into an ultra responding, emotionally sensitive, earth tuned creature, with the capacity for great love...therefore great wisdom.
After the scenes of devolution back to the Big Bang, the screen goes blank for an uncomfortable movie period so the audience can digest the idea of global death. With the realization that there is no life left on earth Thete’s first emotion is fear. In great pain and disbelief he searches the earth for signs of the living. Then when he comes across the little girl he is triggered into hate and is so angered at humanities idiocy that he seeks to destroy all in a wild attempt to avenge his pain. Nature draws him back to rationality again while he is flying over mountains and it is during this quiet emotional lull that he is set to judge the validity of human existence. Because of the recent intense pain Thete’s first reaction is to kill himself and hence all last vestiges of Humanity (and all life). Attempting to commit suicide using the G force of the body that created you has deep symbolic meaning. When he sees the egg of earth in space the Universe through the power of its awesome beauty draws him back from his intended path of destruction. Once again the “spirit” of life triumphs over death.
Originally I called the hero Daimon for inner daimon or inner voice. Then I changed it to Thete as a derivative of Theta or Infinity. I feel his full name would be Thete Daimon or the inner voice of the Timeless.


Thete Test Tube Superman has just boarded his space plane after a routine flight to the moon delivering materials for the new moon base. He watches the news broadcasts from Earth on the TV screen as he returns home.
“Civil war in large cities and drug warfare has reached crisis levels. Cities are being evacuated; country land prices have soared.”
“Congress has passed a law making it compulsory for members of the government to donate cells to the Genetic Selection Committees controlled evolution plan. The President said he would be the first to honor such a cause.”
Thete laughs at the charade being performed for the mass populous. He knows that the rulers the public sees are only well trained puppets and that their quality of genetic material is inadequate for global decision making. Thete has the most supreme brain known to man. He is being primed by his creators to be the central decision maker for the United World Government. His Mothers and Fathers estimate his life expectancy to be around 500 years without taking into account future developments in rejuvenation. Since he was first engineered 30 years ago his development was controlled by the highest minds of the times. His skin still has the elasticity and bloom of youth, though his eyes betray the culmination of centuries of human thought. He has already read, discovered and known more than any consciousness in existence.
Thete looks down at his domain. He finds that in space away from earthly distraction, where weightlessness relieves body stress, he can do his best thinking. He had volunteered for this particular moon flight because he had a crucial problem to solve. He had to get the World Government operational before any one country or power could hold the world to ransom. This competition thing, this conditioning which had been naively installed in the psyche of man was plainly suicide. He knew that cooperation had to be the pivot around which all human life centered or we would always be on the very edge of extinction—always living in fear of ourselves.
Thete listens to the last broadcast: “The Atomic Research Center (ARC) is starting today a new series of experiments to produce free quarks using the just completed Super Atom Accelerator.“  Thete thinks of the danger involved in testing the strong force combining quarks. Particles would need to be slammed together with the energies of trillions of GeV; that is in conditions similar to those immediately after the Big Bang. He had tried to dissuade ARC from its headlong rush to isolate the building block of matter. He had applied the majority of his thought power to this very problem and could feel that the answer was eminent. Unfortunately ARC had more confidence in their own experimentation to take heed of a mind some other scientist had produced.
ZAP!!! The earth is seized by the force just discovered by mankind. It may be the last thing unraveled as Thete is now the only thing left alive. All life on earth was “cooked” the instant the quark was divided. The television screen goes blank and Thete looks out the window. The earth is a swirling mass of colors surrounded by an aura of rays wildly changing in spectrum.
The rational man screams with his first taste of emotion. He loses himself in images from the past. They well up inside him with terrifying magnitude. The whole of creation he relives, (Devolution—life passing before ones eyes at death). Changes of this level happen continuously in the universe, but in all his short history nothing had ever meant as much to Humankind. Through our very excellence in evolution we had at last managed to destroy ourselves. The last of Pandora’s boxes had been opened. The images build in ferocity and speed...the music to the tune of the glory of life rises in complexity and beauty as everything explodes in flash of white light, (Big Bang—symbolically the loss of consciousness and the origins of the universe).
Thete’s mind reaches the critical threshold between life and death. If it were not for his meta-stable makeup he would have died from the knowledge that he had to endure. He rests for a while in the black timeless eternal night until once again the life force begins to rise in his body. Stars slowly begin to return to his universe, they converge slowly getting bigger and drawing into the center—into a vortex of swirling masses of stars. Spiraling down, down to be blasted through to the reality of the space plane, (Regaining consciousness). There he sits in his custom fitted seat with his own mechanical mind mapped out in the machinery before him. Through the expanse of the window the earth is revealed—the divine egg in a zapped state.
Thete returns to an earth barren of all life. The horror of a manless world. The scenes of chaos, fallen planes, crashed trains and dead people lining city streets builds to an unbearable level as he searches the world for some form of life. The most rational man in all existence is no longer rational. He cannot hear the part of him that knows that the race has ended. He is wretched with unbearable pain.
Thete flees the scenes of mayhem for the security of a beautiful country stream. There he comes across a little girl and her puppy lying in the wild flowers as though quietly sleeping. Something snaps within him and a new and uncontrollable violence consumes him. Thete’s face changes from exquisite pain to a horrendous evil mask as he seeks to swallow his hurt in a fit of destruction. From his space plane he bombs whole cities and the treasures of civilization. He now knows what it is like to feel anger never felt with such intensity by man.
At last when the frenzy is over leaving the best in the material world as rubble, he is flying over a mountain range, out over a river delta and into the setting sun over the ocean, when once again he returns to lucid thought. He is awakened to the fact that he is the sum total of the struggle of mankind and that it is in his power to either seed life on earth again from the cells of his own body or else commit suicide. The question he put to himself on this monumental day of judgment was whether Mankind, the very seed of mankind was intrinsically evil or not.
Thete’s face is stone as he dives once more into space. While rocketing towards mankind’s ultimate destruction he feels he has to have one last look at the earth as a tribute to the dignity of Humanity. The G force makes it almost impossible for him to turn his head in order to see that beautiful egg of life now returned to normal in a sea of nothingness.
Thete is compelled to return. The seed of man grows on towards unattainable perfection. He has realized that life has produced him and that no earthly right was his to destroy life. That he was not God and that he had much work to do to make a better world.
Thete returns to a world just as he left it, with all the petty wars, corruption and beauty. The whole story was a dream from whence his answers came. From the emotion and love that he felt for the human race while dreaming he has gained the strength to heal the world...the desire to heal the world.
Without dreams there is only despair.
Without dreams the intellect has no meaning.
Thete knew what he had to do...
Dream on.

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