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With bird’seye x-ray vision we can see the mistakes, fixations and perturbations consciousness express themselves in disease and dis-ease. 

We are making great strides in dealing with complexification of error that manifests in a myriad of problems by dealing with the fundamental cause of all disease and the Fall of Man. Sugar, caffeine, alcohol, grains, red meat, microwaves, sodas, cooked/processed/industrial food, GMOs...this creates such dispossession that there is barely a ghost in the "machine." Metabolic X is Metadeath! It is the death culture, and it is ubiquitous or meta. It is one thing to work out the mechanisms of The Fall is not even hard when you start to put two and two together. But to actually reverse Metabolic X in our own body and free ourselves from the madness of the death culture is much harder. The agents of ecocide, biocide and genocide are ramping up their efforts with schools even offering up their land for fracking and Monsanto militarily taking over the world. Still if we have any conscience at all, we must band together to live as close to the principles of life as possible, not just for our own survival, but for the continuance of life. To trash life in a trash culture is to hate existence and the universe...thus soul is already dead.

Our kundalini energy body sustains our mind, emotions, body and soul. Kundalini...or non-linear scalar waves propagate throughout the body via the crystalline lattices of the elaborate collagen network comprising of extra-cellular space. When kundalini energy is great, these longitudinal scalar waves from the vacuum "soften" the collagen framework of the body, ultimately loosening, healing and youthifying it. Yogi's further amplify this opening and rebuilding process through yoga stretches, kryias, breathing, fasting, anti-inflammatory spices and such. Taking some collagen building foods will strengthen the ligaments, skin, connective tissue, joints. For soul power and magnifying the light you will need to focus on protecting and building your cell membranes for hydration and communication.

You can't have a healthy soul without perfecting the liquid crystal house of the soul—two of the main things we are lacking for this is silicon, and cardiolipin (DHA-omega-3). The light of life cannot flow coherently through unnatural, mishapen geometry. When we destroy the structure of our food, we mess with the structure of our body, and when we are deficient of the building blocks for the perfect temple, our soul cannot shine as bright in a broken and deficient body. The light flowing in a body built of unnatural geometry acts as a free radical in breaking down and coagulating unnatural tissue. Just as with sunlight hitting the body, the bio-light flowing in a body built of unnatural geometry acts as a free radical in breaking down and coagulating unnatural, misshapen tissue. So if we live in a body composed of denatured molecules and toxins our own soul-light will consume us.

I got from the biblical writings, that the ancients (Coneheads and Egyptians) must have used frankincense and myrrh in the white powder of Gold formula to reduce the blackening from the increased light in the body. It is brilliant (no pun intended). Anyway I built up a formula for taking internally during kundalini to reduce the oxidation/glycation of tissue.  The cooked body is off Phi, and so when the light of spirit tries to flow through it, the biophotons essentially become free radicals because the crystalline structure of the body is out of skew, off whack eg: corrupted. When the lipid structure of the mitochondrial wall is poorly constructed the energy powerplants become freeradical producing machines. That is why they say it takes 49 x7 generations to create a Christ through Essene is the embedding, and encoding of perfect Phi that allows for perfect cosmic communication—Sovereign consciousness, Grokking, Knowing, Awareness, Undifferentiated Mind, Cosmic or Christ Consciousness.

Oxidation, flocculation, congealment, inflammation, glycation results when you put extra spiritual current through an atomically misaligned body crystal. Also the body is not separate from the environment, and so in order to create a Christ, or a mystic civilization the environment must also be Phi energetically intact. The secret is 8Hz, Schumann resonance (Ananda Bosman) because if you can't get into the earth coherent conjugating frequency when you go Nova then the tissues spontaneously combust so to speak (the blackening stage of alchemy). That is where my soma oil with Syrian rue comes is a guaranteed 8Hz tuning, but you have to put it on the skin. Most entheogens need to be applied topically, so we need to start thinking of *Float Tanks that include sound, light, crystals, living-water, essential oils, water tinctures of entheogens and flower essences.
I have a Lightbody Formula with the plant resins, plus a topical oil for the 8Hz. The gums really helped me ease the blackening, but I went off them as I came down from the peak, whereas really they should be used from birth to death...along with pineneedle suntea. I am just embarking on a formula that is a basic anti-putrifaction/antimutagen. From

Frankincense tears $6.95
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The Elixir of Life

A mystic civilization must be created autopoetically…that is be self-organizing from the inside out. And so each individual needs to recover their soul power and become a mystic or shaman in their own right. A nervous system that was capable of the most supersensory reception of our EMF environment to the point of global scale telepathy, is now reduced to the mere knee jerk reaction to the robotic 3D world. So how do increase the soul powers of telepathy, visions, bionavigation, Muse illumination, divine music, genius etc...? The whole HUman with intact psi, subtle and causal senses just IS when you detox from the Borg, throw off the pupal body and grow the whole brain and sovereign body. Our intelligence is determined by how well our membranes are optimized as transmitters and receivers of the inner/outer continuum. By building and perfecting our meme-brains we become transparent to God. You can't get there however without going raw, and because we have thousands of years of cooked food metabolism in our genetic lineages, we are going to have to use remineralized soils, superfoods, living-water, ORMUS and advanced elixirs like Dr. George Merkl and Sumerian Life Crystal Elixir (ATP).


The grain of the Void or the Universal Cosmic Geometry has a tetrahedral structure which forms a seed of light, in which free energy is molded into light and light is molded into matter. Cosmic Geometry is superconductive, transtemporal and superluminal, comprising One still Light of Universal Mind. Energy is pulled out of the Cosmos by implosion and can be delivered via Sacred Geometry where free flow of energy takes place.  As the body becomes more coherent and in tune with the Universal Cosmic Geometry, it becomes more "fractalic", and capable of tapping into the life energy which is a prerequisite for life. The field of life consists of a holographic interference that is linked with the physical structure via the essence of life. The Sumerian Life Crystal Elixir has a tetrahedral structure as does the Cosmic essence. Dr. George Merkl’s Sumerian elixir plays an important role to processing of living-water and produces specific geometry by altering the hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. Thus when water, protein or other substances are brought in contact with this elixir it will fold into the Cosmic Geometry.

This tetrahedral geometry is responsible for superconductivity and superfluidity, opening the way to harness the cosmic system than brings organization and continuity of life. Aligning with cosmic order is the secret to immortality and Cosmic consciousness for the seed of light brings wholeness and healing to every living organism via coherence. Such sacred water is essential to all life and is found in the nucleus of the cell and in the cytosol to build microtubule spindles for cell division and in the mitochondria which houses the protein substrate of the electron transport chain that produces ATP. Sacred water is also found in the cerebral spinal fluid where the nerve impulses are transferred to the distribution points. Sacred cosmic water orders proteins, designs amino acids to build intricate biostructures. In the cell nucleus, DNA replicates via self-hologram in water structured to Sacred geometry. DNA itself absorbs the ATP elixir that delivers the cosmic light allowing it to oscillate with the prime mover of the Cosmos the creative field. Apotheosis or elevation of the human to divine status is thus bringing the genetic blueprint up to God’s speed.

For the healthy fascia light body, collagen building nutrition, antioxidants, remineralization, rehydration, isometric stretching, and grounding is important, as is pH and sunlight. The body is a liquid crystal and the collagen fibers of the fascia are fiber optic cables for conveying biophotons. So when the body's pH becomes more acid, and the tissues become dehydrated and oxidized then the fascia loses its capacity to instantaneously transmit biophotons coherently. This reduces the total body EMF, collapsing our spiritual and psi levels of consciousness and cutting us off from cosmic and nature union. With rigid, oxidized, contracted, dehydrated bodyminds we become so insentient that our spectrum of consciousness narrows to the mere 3D material world of the five senses. Yoga and isometric stretching with a large stick to the full Vitruvian extension, combined with hydration, grounding, antioxidant and enzyme rich alkalinizing diet helps to open up the body to the light in order to embody our spiritual Self.

Fritz-Albert Popp put forward the hypothesis that biophotons are emitted from a coherent electrodynamic field within the living system. Each cell is emitting this field, then the whole living system is, in effect, a ubiquitous nonlocal coherent resonant energy field. Biophotons provide communication at near-instantaneous speed allowing for the coordinated organization of the organism. Living systems therefore thrive not from competition, but through cooperation…an organism incarnates information not only for themselves, but for all other organisms, expanding the consciousness of the whole, while at the same time becoming more and more aware of this collective consciousness. When you aim for the good of the whole and you work with the quantum creative force of the universe and have the unified field as your ally.

Quantum biology suggests a biological organization based on far finer physical processes at the atomic level, rather than mere chemical reactions between biomolecules. Much of this signaling within and between cells may be mediated by free radicals of the oxygen and nitrogen species. Populations of cells, thus cooperatively “telepathize together” in instant intercellular communication, and organize hierarchically via spin-correlation at atomic and molecular levels.


Cleaning ‘Glymphatic System’ in Brain—If your life exhibits signs of being hopelessly tied in knots, double binds, paradoxes, dead ends, unsatisfying relationships, meaninglessness and could be that your brain needs a cleaning, overhaul, reconditioning and watering. The body’s lymphatic system does not extend into the brain or spinal cord, despite the high metabolic activity of neural tissue and its high sensitivity to changes in the extracellular environment, including the build-up of metabolic waste products. Instead the brain has its own hydrolic system for conveying water, nutrients, solutes and removing wastes.

Maiken Nedergaard, M.D., D.M.Sc., co-director of the University of Rochester Medical Center for Translational Neuromedicine says there is a glymphatic system in the brain that acts much like the lymphatic system but is managed by brain cells known as glial cells. Glial cells are at least as abundant as neurons and somehow enhance learning. The glial cells of humans are much larger than those of lower species, in that they have more fibers and they send those fibers out over greater distances. By having lush glial cells like Einstein the brain learns faster, makes fewer errors, and it takes less time to arrive at the appropriate answer. Special types of glial cells, called astrocytes, have their own form of chemical signaling. They have the potential to coordinate whole groups of neurons, to regulate the flow of information through the brain. Astrocytes don't use electricity as neurons do — they communicate by releasing and detecting neurotransmitters

The pathway consists of a para-arterial influx route for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to enter the brain, along with a clearance mechanism for the removing the interstitial fluid and extracellular solutes from the brain and spinal cord. Clearance of soluble proteins, waste products and excess extracellular fluid is accomplished through convective flow of the interstitial fluid, facilitated by aquaporin-4 water channels on the glial cells. This system was termed the ‘Glymphatic’ pathway due to its dependence upon glial cells and its performance of peripheral ‘lymphatic’ functions in the CNS.  The highly organized system acts like a series of pipes associated with brain’s blood vessels, that serves as the lymph system for the brain to drain away waste products.

If the glymphatic system fails to cleanse the brain adequately, either as a consequence of normal aging, or in response to brain injury, inflammation, plaques or excessive toxicity, the waste begins to accumulate in the brain, as seen with amyloid deposits in Alzheimer’s disease. Sunlight is probably what drives the glymphatic system. Sunlight is a catalyst to chemical reactions in the body, therefore a large % of our metabolism fails to be activated, or occurs poorly when we don't get sunlight on our flesh and in our eyes. In this way we fail to assimilate nutrients, build and repair molecules and tissues and detoxify properly. The body detoxifies 20 times more in the sun. .

The protein, called Aquaporin-4, is a channel protein that allows water to move in and out of astrocyte glial cells, confers bidirectional water flow between blood and brain. Aquaporin-4 ((AQP4) is the most abundant water channel in the brain. AQP4 is particularly strongly expressed in glial membranes that are in direct contact with capillaries and pia. The highly polarized AQP4 expression indicates that these cells are equipped with specific membrane domains that are specialized for water transport, thereby mediating the flow of water between glial cells and the cavities filled with CSF and the intravascular space. The astrocytic aquaporin-4 water channels are targeted by autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis, producing edema in the brain.

Hg2+ Mercury ions reduce the water permeability of aquaporin-4, thereby lowering the flow of water. The absorption of mercury from dental amalgams can thus lead to chronic brain dehydration. In a state of dehydration the body manufactures more cholesterol in an attempt to preserve further moisture loss, clogging arteries, and starving the tissues of oxygen, water and sustenance. High intakes of cholesterol and saturated fat were both linked to increased cognitive impairment in the middle-aged population. Thyroid function, hormonal and enzyme systems are always affected to some degree by mercury poisoning and vitamins and minerals are imbalanced. Amalgam poisoning has a profound effect on the stomach and intestinal flora, providing a breeding ground for candida and fungal infections etc. Mercury interferes with fat metabolism and cell membranes are largely fat.

Mercury ions, aluminum toxicity, acid pH, oxidation, inflammation make the cell membrane less permeable to water, perhaps through reduced the aquaporin water channel activity, thereby leaving the glial cells with less water to power their neuron assisting processes. Thus cognitive and spiritual enhancement could be achieved by reversing the decline in aquaporin activity through heavy metal detoxification, structured and vitalized water, remineralization, juicing, omega-3, exercise, head massage, vibratory lymphatic and sound and light therapies and loud singing/vocalization. The light of life runs on minerals and their geometric relationship to water. Hydrogen bonds are the rivets that hold together the atomic matrix of the body through its living water.

The membrane-located ATPase systems of mitochondria and chloroplasts are hydro-dehydration systems with terminal specificities for water and ATP; and their normal function is to couple reversibly the translocation of protons across the membrane to the flow of anhydro-bond equivalents between water and the couple ATP/(ADP-Pi). Polar and charged molecules like water H2O has a slow rate of diffusion and its flow is facilitated by the presence of aquaporins ( or water channels). Mammalian inner mitochondrial membranes have an unusually high water permeability. The predominant aquaporin in brain is AQP4, and is the primary aquaporin involved in the production of cerebrospinal fluid. Brain mitochondria also contain the expression of a short AQP8 and AQP9 isoform aquaporin in the inner mitochondrial membrane. Mitochondrial AQP9 is a hallmark of astrocytes and midbrain dopaminergic neurons, which may relate to the vulnerability of these neurons in Parkinson’s disease.

Although the osmotic movement of water into and out of the mitochondrion is central for its morphology and activity, the molecular mechanisms and the pathways for water transport across the inner mitochondrial membrane (IMM), the main barrier for molecules moving into and out of the organelle, are completely unknown. The inner mitochondrial membrane is an important selective barrier that controls the coupling of the central respiratory energy producing pathways  -  citric acid cycle and oxidative phosphorylation  -  with carbohydrate, fat, and amino acid metabolism. ATP carries 4 negative charges while ADP carries only 3. The result is a net export of one negative charge.  This charge imbalance is coupled to the proton gradient, which in the first place makes the inner mitochondrial membrane outside positive and the matrix side negatively charged. In effect, the membrane potential component of the proton gradient is the energy source to drive the ATP-ADP translocase to secrete ATP4- from the mitochondrial matrix while importing ADP3. 

The body produces an amazing 50 to 75 kg of ATP per day.

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