Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The stress of existence within Borg society increases our catabolic state, that is we "break down" under the strain of the ongoing and escalating insanity of errant human existence. Thus we age more rapidly in life-hostile Borg social conditions, our immune system, digestion, and hormonal system weaken, suspending higher development and undermining the inner resources needed to elevate ourselves out of our personal Borg hell. In an entropic, energy dissipating system we must be smarter than the culture in which we are embedded to become all that we were "meant" to be, and to not be torn apart by the systemic processes of dehumanization and decay.

Charles Hall, a systems ecologist, proposes that the economics of biophysics leads one to understand that the survival of all living creatures is limited by the energy return on investment. The cost/benefit equation underlying living creatures or societies determines their survival only so long as they are capable of getting more net energy from an activity than they expend during the performance of that activity. With regards to the energy bank balance life either has enough energy to maintain and build itself up, or if an organism or society runs into energy debt things start to breakdown and complexity deconstructs as an ongoing process towards death.

Anabolism is the growth phase of metabolism in which simple molecules are synthesized into the complex materials of living tissue, to form the body's complex structural and functional components, as related anabolic hormones stimulate protein synthesis and cell growth. The state of anabolism is comprised of multiple metabolic pathways that require energy to construct molecules from their smaller building blocks. In contrast, catabolism is the deconstruction of large molecules into smaller ones.
Anabolic reactions are endergonic, meaning they are synthesis reactions that consume more energy than they produce. Life is anabolic when there is more energy gained in "work done" than the energy needed to do the work. This requires quality resource availability, surplus energy to do the work, and freedom from metabolic blockage and toxicity. Godspeed, Grace, or the regenerosity of God is a Flow in which overunity or free renewable cosmic energy is achieved by "working with" nature to accelerate cell division, thereby increasing the rate of development. The only reformation is transformation!

The salient point to remember is that the regenerative and constructive process of the building up of life requires a surplus of energy beyond that needed for the mere maintenance of the life process. The ability and rate at which the body can spare and replenish energy is critical for anabolism. Glucose may take part in or be formed via several anabolic reactions such as, for example, synthesis of glycogen or the synthesis of new glucose molecules from byproducts of protein and lipid breakdown, i.e: gluconeogenesis. The constructive power of anabolism is fueled by both the small molecules of catabolism as well as an energy source, such as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Alternative energy sources include compounds or methods that increase digestive efficiency, raise metabolism and promote mitochondrial health.

The energy surplus needed for the growth state (grace, sovereignty, empowerment) is sourced from beyond the entropic culture. The regeneration needed to come up to God speed and establish the true spiritual, physical and mental power is foremost derived from the primordial ingredients of life’s origin on earth. This is so because there needs to be a fundamental retuning back to reinstate the formative creatrix frequencies and structures of life to establish the cosmic integrity of the single cell. These primordial ingredients include humates, clay, bluegreen algae, raw remineralized plant protoplasm, ORMUS elements and living water.

Holy Water, Sacred Oil,by C. Norman Shealy

Star Fire: Gold of the Gods, by Laurence Gardner

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