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Overcoming The Oppositional Brain

Hubris makes reality satirical, because Source makes conscious, while Force makes unconscious. Source humanizes, while Force dehumanizes.

The Borg is the sclerosis of living death...a living corpse...unreal and always hungry...unable to commit to anything but passing sensation, the next substance or an idle thought. Every attempt to play the game by the given Borg rules only gets us further up shit creek, so it is obvious that the game is not for us. Once we see through the power-mirage and get out of the game, we cannot play it convincingly enough to actually "win" in a culture we don't believe in. The goal of the game is to get beyond the game. The feeling of being on “top of the game” and having a degree of “mastery” is the difference between health and illness, regardless of the circumstances.

The aim of the game is to each become our own sovereign master. Followers fear success and so they enlist abusers to keep themselves small, struggling and broken. Keeping yourself small in order to resist the family imperative to BE somebody is a false path. Keeping yourself small in order to comply with the family imperative to BE a nobody is a false path. Even if you divorce your presovereign family you will still follow the same patterns of self-diminishment unless you make an effort to become all that you are REGARDLESS of the external world entirely. If the Borg is your family...they are NOT your friend. Look for people who love themselves and are not part of the degenerative paradigm.

“You're buffered from the results of your actions by a mass system which dictates what your next move should be. You're always kept occupied by survival worries... so you can't have a moral conscience, they'll never let you have enough space and peace to discover the wellspring. You can desensitize yourself, forgetting more and more of your truth.” David Rabin
Childhood's end is good news, for growing up brings health, wealth and happiness. The more we try and get ahead via the compulsive Hindbrain, with its inability to delay gratification, the more sick and spiritually bereft we become. The Hindbrain mode remains poverty ridden no matter how much money and possessions are achieved. We have no choice but to grow up from our patterns of self-sabotaging victimhood, seeking unlawful advantage, self-destruction, discontent and disease. If we allow a Borg predator or parasite to feed on us then we are part of the problem. Once we get that self-victimization is a crime against life by default, neglect and self-betrayal, then we are on the home stretch to the sovereign life.

Allowing adequate TIME for "connection" to soul/cosmos is a matter of getting rid of "noise" that generates interference patterns that step down consciousness to more mundane and banal levels. That is, consciousness IS time. The more noise there is in our system the longer it takes to realize the information from the depth dimension through dreams, visions, voices and eurekas. Genius, sovereignty and enlightenment therefore are a matter of reducing the time necessary to "wake up" to Truth and Reality by eliminating the “noise.”

The "noise" encompasses everything from toxic power, chemical poisons, free radicals, manmade EMFs, cooked and damaged food, substance addictions, mineral deficiency, lack of exercise and fasting, lack of grounding and removal from nature's energies, pernicious cultural media, the madness of the human species, wage slavery, economic extortion, ecocide, and evil institutions and governments.

Spelunking deeper within our atoms to harmonize with the zeropoint energy prior to form is how we avoid being buffeted here and there by the "noise." Trying to deal with the noise on its own terms is like trying to heal dissonance with just get more cacophony. The ego-defense system wants to keep playing the stuck record of static noise again and again, which keeps us locked into the surface, distressed mode...wasting as it were, the life of the soul. Let’s face it, the power pyramid is never more happy than when we make ourselves into a worm eating its garbage. Unplugging from that which is delinquent and obviously going nowhere is the only way to save our souls from the Borg.

The ability to “cut through” and get beneath the turbulence of the “noise” is a parental executive function. However if our own parents were conflicted and lacking Source stabilization then we are going to have to reprogram our fundamental relationship with existence through being mindful of when we are “out of tune” and engaging in practices to bring ourselves back to the ultimate security of rooting into the ground state of the cosmos. To become "clear" of the noise we must create space within for the overmind to grow and allow the Muse its rightful position in our psyche.

Keeping up with the evolutionary Flow of the synchronized Universe requires the subtle senses of the psychic and visionary levels…with the fully integrated solarplexus and heart brains. However the money grabbing 3D Flatland frequency driven by the adrenals and the amydala fails to provide us access to the higher circuits of consciousness. This “stepping down” the scale of consciousness and falling out of Flow is the main cause of stress in having to “make a living” within the Borg socioeconomic sphere.

The Borg are very sick and getting sicker. Those caught within the obsolete meme of extraction/extortion/exploitation will ultimately fade away because it is a dissipative, entropic system, and is rapidly losing the last vestigages of inherited light to keep going for much longer. Peak Oil is a metaphor for the decline in available energy for a barbarian antiPhi technocracy. Chaos will ensue. However, just because civilization is sick, doesn’t mean that we as individuals must participate in the metastizing disease process. As sovereigns, we naturally raise our spin to escape velocity to free ourselves from the addictions and behavior patterns that imprison the Borg in its disenchanted material asylum.

Within the sadomasochistic master/slave system those in authority exhibit the malignant power of misappropriated position. Because they are fundamentally disempowered and not operating from a cosmic sense of right and wrong, they have to regularly abuse their underlings in order to get the dopamine hit to feel on top on the pile. Besides criticism, the dubious manager will intimidate, ridicule, bully, accuse, shame, threaten, malign and sexually harass those beneath them to inflate their own sense of power and importance.

Observing the nature of these Hindbrain tactics and why they are being enacted gives us distance from their destructive and injurious effects. Shame short-circuits deservability, self-worth, claiming our space and the sense of the “right to life” necessary for sovereignty and connection to source. When I can no longer be shamed and intimidated by ignorant, stupid, myopic and evil Hindbrainers...only then am I free from the gravity of the Borg.

With diminishing returns and inflation the cost of living goes up so that people have to concentrate on merely surviving within a system that is about to collapse under the weight of its own corruption. There is a light at the end of the tunnel however. Our leverage and power is in working to create a new society in which the "cost of living" is free, so we can focus on our creativity. To become an actualized individual "for" the collective is the way of the sovereign. That is, synthesizing individualism and civic good as one thing, rather than having them at odds with each other.

We have no choice but to rise for the human family is too bankrupt to afford a cultural collapse. A collapse or world war would destroy what little of the biosphere we have left and poison life for thousands or millions of years in the future. Counterculture now means a collective effort of powerful individualism that lives to counteract the fear, greed and competition of Borg material Flatland. This is a moral development…of choosing to live in abundance mentality rather than scarcity mentality. Sustainable growth is rooted in cosmic integrity...every thing else generates a pattern of boom and bust, hence is a cultural diversion of dubious growth by crisis.

Male and female pattern Borging, exhibits a vast array of symptoms born of the cognitive damage from cultural deficiency disorder (CDD). Very few people are outside of the Borg, and the Borg is a pathological social paradigm, so most people are characters or archetypes of various adaptation and maladaption patterns to a dehumanizing system. In order to transcend the automatic animal and robot programs there needs to be an initiation, practice and philosophy of the sovereign cosmic connection...which frees us from blind  anthropomorphic immersion.

In order to get beyond the gravity of the Borg we must release ourselves from what the Borg has made of us in the past, and thereby discover who we really are beyond the sadomasochistic master/slave cultural structure (cult). The stress involved in playing the game of material culture as it is rigged, can be so extreme that higher cognitive (whole), spiritual (holy) and sensory awareness (health) are all but eliminated entirely.

Fighting against the sleep of “normalization” and overcoming the sense of the need to fit into the toxic power system and drift along in complacency, requires a comprehensive lifestyle change, the suspension of disbelief and a change or heart and mind, such that one doesn't recognize or even know oneself anymore. You cannot fight deHUmanization through the defensive ego mind, all that does is repeat hurt-blame and self-righteous tapes endlessly through our head. You simply stop sabotaging yourself by feeding off of the shadow in the sick minds of others, and detoxify from the frequencies of Borg normalization meme.

Waking up is a matter of growing up and for that we must break the addiction to the stupor, torpor and stupidity involved in being controlled by outside forces, more than our inner spiritual authority. Grains, sugar, alcohol, starches etc...feed the fungus of the Borg which makes us compulsive and without the self-control and self-determinancy to liberate ourselves from the Given dying civilization. The sticky slime of Borg desecration (de-sacredizing) only can stick to us if we ourselves refuse to detoxify and let go of our broken, traumatized and lower nature.

Hindbrain society makes maladapted people through shame/blame religions, and exploitive politics, gender bias and the patriarchal (left-brain) lens in general. That is not who they really are! People have no idea what they are missing by being embedded in the entropic Flatland. Kundalini awakening, and experiential immersion are literally the only things that will break the trance of commodification and material certitude. Emphasis should always be on our own right attitude, right thought, right action, right livelihood etc... Because at the end of the day we cannot fix, nor help anyone but ourselves, and on doing so we change the world. Unplugging from the degenerative complex is an art and a science.

To stop resonating and reacting to the toxic power paradigm have to refuse to participate, refuse to be titillated by the insanity and almost refuse to see it. Like ignoring a 2 year old throwing a tantrum. Then you need to more assertively set about creating a sanity bubble around oneself, through one's honesty of being in the world. Incoherence, disconnection and insanity are not sustainable so ultimately the Borg will die away, and the new HUman shall arise from the ashes. The emphasis should be toward the creation of the new, because the old is already dead and gone, even if it is not yet cognizant of the fact and continues in its sleep to try and bluff its way forward.

The Sovereign Phi'ist...goes back to Nature and into ephemeralized subtle technology as well. That is back to our multihominid origins and into the galactic community. Back and forward, Up and Down, In and Out, Community and Individuality, Agency and Communion, into the Soma and the Psyche. Equally in all directions to expand the depth potential of Being. We have to go inside in order to get outside the box of the cul de sac of material reductionism.

"For hippies and bohemians as for businesspeople and investors, extreme individualism has been triumphant. Selfishness won. From the beginning, the American idea embodied a tension between radical individualism and the demands of the commonweal."  Kurt Anderson

“This moment is an invitation to start again... Begin where you are.” ~ Jeff Foster

"Tyranny, in this model, is not created by tyrants alone but by neurotic masses who want tyrants." ~Wilhelm Reich

“Why is self-control, autonomy, such a threat to authority? Because the person who controls himself, who is his own master, has no need for an authority to be his master. This, then, renders authority unemployed. What is he to do if he cannot control others? To be sure, he could mind his own business. But that is a fatuous answer, for those who are satisfied to mind their own business do not aspire to become authorities.” ~ Thomas Szasz

“The world is like a pyramid of people struggling with one another…you don’t have the choice of whether or not to join in the struggle, but you can choose where to fight. Don’t fight your battle at the bottom of the pyramid. I is much too crowded down there. It is easier near the top.”169, Thick Face, Black Heart, Chin-Nigh Chu

“If you look very carefully, truth is very simple. Methods and techniques make your mind very cunning, very crafty and clever, but there is no method of acquiring humility. The moment you know your nothingness and see that arrogance destroys all virtue, humility comes into being. Such a humility cannot be acquired or practiced it just flowers.” Dr RP Kaushik

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  1. Source = Purusha
    Force = Prakriti
    now try reading sankhya philosophy of india.. you will get awesome concepts