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Inability or unwillingness to control sexual desires or emotional needs leads to poor judgment. Or rather Prefrontal Lobe deficiency produces inadequate self-control, social maturity, strength of character, and overall impairs psychosexual development, and/or that reflects lack of discretion or judgment.  When unregulated by the higher centers of the brain sexual behavior is invasive, criminal, compulsive, self-destructive, or high risk and symptomatic of a personality disorder.

The 1st Stage, Hindbrain dopamine fiend doesn’t have the ethical executive control of Prefrontal Lobe integration, thus they are free to try and extort the pleasure of a dopamine high out of the front and back ends of the sexual spectrum. Dopamine addiction or power inflation is a state of compulsive craving and the impulsion towards an object - or repulsion away from it. Both attraction and aversion, inclusion and exclusion feed the pleasure centers of the brain…and are fundamental to the definition of our self-identity and sense of self. Thus the sexual predator need not necessarily be extorting sexual favors from a subordinate, they may indeed gain even more pleasure through sexual shaming and ridicule in order to inflate their own sense of sexual potency and attractiveness.

This rape through sexual persecution is even more effective when it is a gang rape of a victims “honor,” because of the amplification of pleasure chemistry that occurs when bullying and exclusion bonding is done in groups…thus reinforcing the sense of right to sin against life and get away with it. This is the collective chemical insanity behind the “just war,” through which the “disenfranchised” people are enlisted to fight for the resource, position and property gains of the ruling class. The underbelly of false patriotism is the reward chemistry from exclusion bonding that plays on the need for young men to belong to a tribe, and to exclude or fight against non-tribe members. Rape and war are obviously a sin against life, but as pawns in the master plan of psychopaths, we are conditioned by our controllers to think it honorable, normal or legitimate.

Obviously unwanted sexual competition and unjust sexual projection in the workplace prevents strong, mutually supportive friendships with members of our own sex and drags the work environment through the sewer. Both unwanted attraction and unwanted aversion constitute sexual violations which have no place in the work environment. As a general rule of navigation always gravitate to your level of the power-awareness scale, or you will be screwed. People who are not awake to power and are using more primitive (immoral) techniques to attain power cannot be trusted to act in a civil or humane fashion.

Both Master and Slave ARE the Borg, both are engaged in the automated sadomascochistic program that keeps the human species from growing out of its spiritual infancy and into the actualization of mystic genius. Dominance and submission are an inside job that prevents the surrender necessary for surrender to apotheosis. The Borg is bogged down in eternal reoccurrence, oblivious to higher levels of conscious being beyond the BASIC (or deficiency) needs (e.g. physiological, safety, love, and esteem). When the survival circuitry is hijacked by the defensive ego's drive for power this prevents the subtle neurogenesis and epigenetic development necessary to evolve motivation towards GROWTH needs (self-actualization).

Those habituated at the arcane, immature memes are conditioned at a lower level of "freedom" in that they have imbibed their environment and people's impressions of them as the bible, and haven't questioned, quested or been initiated beyond The Given. The pendulum of acceptance vs. rejection keeps the unintiated locked into the dominance/submission engagement - the conflict chemistry of which prevents their evolution up the spiral. Hence the Borg is communal arrested development, through havoc, hostility, strife, struggle, and war. To break free of negative power in order to initiate and integrate the self-dominion of the Prefrontal lobes an individual has to resist the obligation to automatically respond to dominance or submission cues.

We liberate ourselves from the robotic immersion in the Borg by facing the facts no matter what. That is, by clearly seeing the big picture of social reality, without denying its predatory nature, we can ensure that our self-acceptance is GREATER than any rejection by others. In this way, through testing our strength and resolve in the existing competitive culture we can grow in self-determination, conscious choice, spiritual voltage, uniqueness and enlightened genius. By establishing our energy beyond the "conflict and combat" zone we free ourselves from the moronic resistance of the zombie programs that automatically perpetuate - mental incapacity, shallowness, simplicity, unawareness, crudeness, darkness, denseness, disregard, dumbness, empty-headedness, fog, ignorance and nescience of the spiritually unrealized or culturally-conflicted, perverted Borg.

Lost to “ignorance” the discombobulated Borg is not interested in learning and growth and is incapable of healing. Fear driven society is focused on rules, law and regulations, while in its power-wrangling it engages in systemic socially immoral, contriving and dishonest behavior. Instead of magnanimity and omnibenevolence (perfect goodness or moral perfection) the soulless Borg offers pedantic, narrow, often ostentatious and trival "shoulds" ostensibly to "help" or "fix" others, but which really only serve to inflate the power drive of the do-gooder. Magnanimity ( magna - great, and animus - mind), literally means greatly generous, is the virtue of being great in mind and heart, loftiness of spirit enabling one to bear trouble calmly, to disdain meanness and pettiness, and to display a noble generosity. The Future of Man must be protected under a loving blanket of omnibenevolence and magnanimity from the corrosive effects of the negative power domain which infests all levels of the meme spiral, from basement to steeple. Rather than shoulds, certificates, rules, expectations and symbols of power, if a community nurtures each other in word and deed, then they automatically have greater access to their executive functioning and their genius. Thus the sovereignty and spiritual growth of the individual is built through enlightened community.

There IS light and dark in the world, this is obvious as day. Everything just IS, but that doesn’t mean we need to jump into the jaws of a lion just because it is a predator. It is up to those who DO have a moral compass to not let predators have free reign to dictate reality. We have a duty to not simply accept the pathological status quo but to work towards creating conditions in which predation and parasitism are no longer viable feeding options. Evil is an opportunity to do Good! Perhaps the lack of criticism, sarcasm and humor is why we have psychopaths running the circus. A sign of enlightenment is the ability to speak truth to power.

Finding "Our Place" might be an illusion - like Utopia. But we can build "Our Place" minute to minute by supporting that which we love and releasing that which no longer resonates with us. The problem with staying too long in situations that are toxic to our level is that even when we are safely out of harms way, the stigma of the dis-ease remains in our cells, and may be very hard to release in order for life-positive happenstance to unfold. More important than creating the new, is the need to detoxify and move on from the past. It might be easy to keep the utopian dream (of the time when you will finally "make it" or make a difference) alive if you live around others with a similar dream. But if you are stuck in the humdrum of the work-a-day world, or if you are trapped in constant contact resistant/delinquent Borg-types then you are likely to not only lose the dream, but lose the will to live.

The reason why the human species is in so much trouble is because the light is being blocked from evolving to the higher levels of consciousness due to the degenerative nature of the materialist Borg culture itself. Cosmic reconnection or sovereignty practice increases your capacity to allow energy or light to flow through you. To become a channel of superlight we must establish equanimity in dealing with shadow and embracing the light...thus gaining freedom from the machinations of the Borg, by not resonating with it. In order to attain the sustenance of divine integrity we must have transcended Borg psychosis and narcissism, and truly be plugged into the cosmogenetic frequency of love and our own unique genius.

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