Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sadomasochistic Intra-sexual Competition

I was still cellularly discombobulated from my last job and I wanted to resolve the matter, as I could not say my piece or get restitution from the jobsite. So I am writing a piece for sexual harassment forums, lawyers, therapists, institutions, rape crisis centers etc...on a particular type of harassment...that of sexual shaming and humiliation/competition by a same sex supervisor in the workplace. That is boundary infraction by an oversexed manager spreading her depraved “1st Stage worldview" and degrading the work environment as though her reality was Truth.

The 1st Stage modus operandi is self-serving egotism, gender differentiation, co-dependence, power struggles, selling sex for power, position, money and security. Narcissistic personality disorder describes a person characterized by egotism, vanity, pride, or selfishness. Self-regulation in narcissists involves such things as striving to make one’s self look and feel positive, special, successful and important. And yet their manipulative, self-engrandizing, self-enhancement strategies and attempts to achieve superiority often mask a deep sense of insecurity, lack of empowerment, low self-esteem and inability to love themselves.

David Dieda Stage 1: The submissive housewife and the macho breadwinner
This stage has been the predominant stage globally up until quite recent times. It is characterised by strictly defined and rigidly upheld gender roles. The man is out in the world bringing home the food and the woman is at home caring for the children. The man dominates the woman with threats of physical violence and withholding of resources and the woman dominates the man with threats of emotional violence and withholding of sex. Intimate partners acting out of DD1 use their lover/spouse as a means to satisfy their own needs, selfishly manipulating the other to get what they desire. They tend to judge themselves by external factors, be it the size of their paycheck or the impeccability of their perfect household. Whenever we focus on ourselves and how we appear to others, we are in a first stage moment.

For those who aspire to the cosmic reality of sovereignty you should generally avoid prolonged engagement with those at the First Stage of the David Deida scale or the First Tier of Spiral dynamics. Consider them as only viable for peripheral engagement in commercial task fulfillment, but never commit to long term  relationship, such as employment with memes that are below ones own level of attainment. That is do not fuck, work, or think with down spiral people or you will be dragged down to their level of reality.

First Tier Meme levels are focused on different themes for existence, and include almost all of the worldviews, cultures, and mental attitudes up to today.  Second tier value memes are emerging levels that gradually move away from a focus on subsistence-level concerns, and towards a being-level existence.

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