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Title VII of the Civil Rights Act is the main federal law that prohibits sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual advance or conduct on the job that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment. Any conduct of a sexual nature that makes an employee uncomfortable has the potential to be sexual harassment.

This is a psychological, legal and technical article on same-sex-competitive sexual harassment in the workplace for legal departments, universities, psychotherapists etc... I have never seen this difficult, hard to express subject tackled before. I would like to hear about how males cockfight with each other in the workplace. Work places “should” be free of sexual predation of all types, and the legal profession “should” be able to protect and enforce a harassment free employment. As such we need to create the legal and intellectual language for classifying the different types of sexual predation and to learn how to collect evidence in a professional and credible manner.

Within a fear-based, scarcity socioeconomy the power-hunger of a Hindbrain supervisor can result in the manifestation of intra-sexual competition in the workplace. Powerlessness breeds power-abuse, and it can be argued that the present-day economic conditions lead to the overactivation or disruption of the archaic female sexual strategy of maximizing 'mate value' (self-esteem status).  The petty tyrant manager can feel a sense of easily acquired status and power by “putting down, ridiculing, slandering, demeaning and defaming” her subordinates. Thus biology is hijacked in the name of ill-gotten gains in the work place—with virtually no viable means of establishing restorative justice, or returning the work environment to health. The  victim may not be able to make a suit against slander, but they should be able to sue against the harmful projection of a predator’s own promiscuous libido onto a subordinate. Unwanted sexual competition, sexual rejection and pathological shaming energies have no place in the workplace. They disrupt the normal execution of one’s job, degrade cognitive functioning, ruin relationships with clients/guests/customers, threaten well-being and open the door for chaos that could even end in the loss of life.

Most forms of sexual harassment in the workplace includes a perpetrator that is in a position of power or authority over the victim and involves various forms of bribery or bullying constituting a "this for that" transaction (ie: Quid pro que). There is either explicit or implicit coercion for the employee to submit to unwelcome sexual advances either to obtain promised benefits, or under threat of retaliation in the form of being fired, demoted, suspended, denied promotion, poorly evaluated, or unfavorably re-assigned. 

Primary rewards include those that are necessary for the survival of species, such as food, sexual contact, social status or successful aggression. The pleasure centers in the brain reward success and aggression—it is like a cocaine rush in the brain. Sexual harassment can take many forms for “power” like “love” is a drug. Power differentials can be played out in the work environment through direct sexual harassment, projected sexual competition, exclusion bonding, shaming, judging etc…in which the seductive/aggressive chemistry of primitive socio-sexual wiring is used in the service of dopamine addiction (power addiction).  Power abuse thus takes an infinite variety of forms including that of a nymphomanic, schizophrenic projecting her 1st Stage morally deficient sexual level on customer and coworker alike, and poisoning the workplace with her endless lust for power and turning Hindbrain tricks.

When encountering meme levels that are beneath our regular social set, we may be hit sideways by sick, underhanded tactics within the power structure of the workplace. Not having experience of negative power or sexual-morality on such gross levels, we may not have grown the skill set needed to deal effectively with sexual predation…and so instead we may remain silent. When we are held paralyzed in a toxic work situation by a criminally insane individual who is a step higher up in the power pyramid…health, well-being and happiness quickly deteriorate. Often there is no higher authority we can turn to for justice, reconciliation or to even voice our truth. There is seldom any positive benefit to tell-tailing on sexual abuse in the workplace, in fact most often there is nothing but scorn and further abuse for those who express their distress at being bitten by the sexual sociopath.

It sounds complicated, but the behavioral level I am writing about here is of an adult manageress operating in the capacity of a delinquent 6-16 year old girl, who uses a form of sibling-like rivalry against her staff to elicit a dopamine-power charge at their expense. That is, when one sibling exerts his power over another sibling without fear of punishment. Because her world is so sexualized, and she uses her sexual energy to seduce both men, women and dogs to her favor. Her drive for self-esteem and sense of power-entitlement in the work place is achieved by the devious means of false projection, manipulation, sinning, lies, stories, conspiracy, humiliation and rejection.  It is obviously narcissistic and self-indulgent to pull one’s coworkers into one’s dopamine addiction and drive for power…it is also a flagrant boundary invasion, not to mention outright bullying.  The fact that I encountered an extreme version of this female sexual predator in my last workplace gives me the opportunity to try and articulate the dangers of sadomasochist intra-sexual competition for those in a similar but not so obvious situation, and who can’t quite put their finger on what is actually going on.

Normal forms of sex abuse include incest, rape, pedophilia, economic extortion, prostitution, possession of child pornography, voyeurism (Peeping Tom), exhibitionism, and making obscene phone calls. Contrary to normal forms of sexual harassment, this woman’s favored modus operandi was of inappropriate sexual incrimination. That is the men she found attractive to she bonded to seductively, slandering me in the process, so that on further encounter with these men, they championed her cause and fed her pathological opinion of me, back to me. Thus these men effectively “rejected” me when I had no interest in them in the first place. This resulted in my having a permanent sense of sexual disgust, sickness and repulsion...effectively killing my energy and capacity to keep up my creativity level. This is the kind of competitive thing that might happen between developmentally arrested teenage girls who have endured incest with the father.

This impossibly toxic scenario has no place in the workplace, and it is on such a pathological and primitive level that there appears to be no rational or legal solution. She also engaged in the same slander, exclusion bonding with women clients who also gained a dopamine power charge by trying to intimidate, incriminate and generally spread lies about me. A fraternity of sexually harassing witches represents a cluster-fucking orgy of dopamine addicts. Due to the magic nature of “social position,” a power-hungry manager’s Hindbrain magnetic power can hypnotize others to act in “perverse collusion to belittle a subordinate-victim and refer to her by sexist or demeaning terms. Thus the manager’s own sense of guilt and inferiority for her 1st Stage behaviors are projected onto a “scapegoat,” through which she can feel superior, cleansed of sin and legitimate. Slut-shaming a powerless celibate underline allows the manager to somewhat relieve the tension presented by her own out of control libido and promiscuity.

When the supervisor herself is a demon from hell there is little a victim can do but suck it up and take the abuse until they are able to permanently leave the job situation. Even after leaving the toxic workplace there is no direct means of healing restitution for what amounts to considerable “harm to life.” Sexual harassment in all its forms represents a loss of effective, safe, welcoming, respectful and friendly workplace. The adversarial sexual harassment of the hypersexualized, power-mad manager falls under the classification of the “Hostile environment” form of sexual harassment. Hostile environment sexual harassment occurs when unwelcome sexual conduct unreasonably interferes with an individual's job performance or creates a hostile, intimidating or offensive work environment. It is the warmonger/whore approach to business as usual, because this sociopath is invariably harbored by a male boss who enjoys her sexed up status.

More twisted than the normal direct transaction form of that constitutes a requests for sexual favors, this clandestine intra-sexual competitive form of sexual harassment provides no means of safe disclosure or reparations for injury. The sexual slanderer’s offensive is degrading to health, well-being and prosperity alike. In a just world the victim should be able to sue for medical, dental and psychological treatment compensation at the very least, considering the wear and tear that stress creates on the bodymind. There are dire consequences of long term exposure to covert sexual rivalry or sex-abuse in the workplace where there should be NO sexual exposure. Harm includes cortisol stress damage to the brain, depression, loss of creativity and productivity, hormonal castration, a shorter lifespan and reduced mating ability, incapacity to compete successfully in the sexual marketplace. Status wars affect hormonal and cognitive viability for breeding, and by creating PTSD there can be a such deep loss of the faith in human decency that the victim is socially scarred for life…being unable to trust any workplace environment or personal intimate relationship.

Sexual harassment as it relates to power/status abuse has the potential to significantly damage an organization through disruption of a harmonious working environment, harm to health, loss of productivity, poisoning the customer base and potential legal costs. Intra-sexual competition in the workplace is inevitable within hierarchical social structures, and must be exposed thoroughly in order to evolve commerce and community, and permit the sovereign individual to flourish as they "should." That power-abuse through sex-hormone-castration is not brought to conscious light and contested in the boardroom and the courtroom keeps this toxic social stew brewing along, gumming up the wheels of progress. If one's moral level is still operating out of the Hindbrain then the weapons of sexual seduction/rejection are still on the operating table and readily employed on the job site. 

Hindbrain sexual status wars provide the greatest underhanded resource for power advantage to those willing and able to "play it dirty" to get what they want.

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