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Solaris The Living City


My highest vision of Solaris (future civilization circa 3000) came to me in hypnagognia (Theta) in 1997.

Solaris is built of crystaline energy generating solar/zeropoint tapping stone which is grounded into bed rock...thus it is a living city that has a bioenhancing field, as well as all the power to run the mega-buildings and activity in the city. The city itself one could say has a soul that embraces and feeds the souls of its inhabitants. Solaris is a soular city.


Waking up is the greatest drug trip there drugs necessary!

In 1997 I had a hypnagogic vision of a futuristic city that was so beyond anything that I could have conceived with my rational mind, that I saw it as a meta-key or sigil that unlocked the path to Civilization Next. The vision suggested the potential inherent in the design of the solar system and even hinted at the answer to the Grand Unified Theory. The view of Solaris I saw in the vision was in “transcendental vision” mode and so every atom was scintillating, it being the highest visionary tryptomine chemistry...heading up towards DMT levels. I saw the city through the eyes of a future mystic or Timeless creature from the future. I was experiencing the transcendental consciousness of the Solaris dwellers for the duration of the vision.

The Solaris city was both earth based, and cosmic or divine…I saw mega arched buildings and blue sky shining in golden-rose sunlight. The word architecture is composed of three words: arch—primal, prototype, epitome of good, a model or replication; techne—technology; and ure—substance or matter. In short, the word architecture means spirit-making-matter. The vision was a binary key pointing to the technology, the mindset, values, ethics and consciousness of the future humans. After the vision it took me 6 months to unpack the technology…and consequently the consciousness and value system of the people. Only by building a foam core model and trying to photograph it in the sun to produce shadow did I find out that it was a solar city.

The Solaris city is completely non-polluting with plentiful energy produced for travel between cities also. Solaris is a vision of a sustainable, non-polluting, cashless and spiritually advanced and evolving society in divine union of Flow. In this civilization each individual lives out their soul’s life within the Collective Muse, which is transrationally - that is nonlocally, spiritually or cosmically integrated. The society is structured not hierarchically as in primate societies, but is autopoetic…arising spontaneously through the synchronicity of creative individuals in divine communion. In a world of realized people, with very rapid transportation, cities need not get larger than 20-30 thousand.


In the vision I saw a forest of mega buildings of unearthly grandeur, luminescence, resonance and beauty. The Solaris Vision itself is a symbolic metaphoric key to the future civilization. It is important to realize that I do not mean to imply that the actual shape of the buildings look like the arches in the vision. Do you understand how profound the transcendental visionary mind level is? that it gave me source code Sigil in the arches and phallus...the actual Solaris won't look like this, but only this exact symbolic form could have told me it was a solar/zeropoint city that increased Christ-Psi consciousness.

The transcendental mind packages information into simple archetypal forms that encompass holographic universal sacred geometry, which are then to be “unpacked” by the  temporal 3D rational mind for the full implications in all aspects of human life. Even if I cannot understand the vision immediately, I know the cosmic validity of the information through the intensity of the power/frequency/presence of the energy signature of the vision. Visions offer possibilities beyond the limitations of our present world view and draw forth the rational mind to make our dreams a reality. Thus nature’s subtle secrets can increasingly be understood and used for our ultimate fulfillment and ephemeralization by following the intelligence of soul through inner divination. Greater integrity and greater depth is not a luxury it is a survival imperative.

Biomimicry or biomimetics is the examination of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements. Cities should be designed outright along the lines of the Kosmic organism so we need to use the screw (Phi) design for megabuildings, transportation flows and the distribution of water. We also need to focus more on biomimicry of the human body, Phi and sacred Geometry in laying out all aspects of design.

I have the collected the preliminary data of the technology for energy generation...which is both solar, zero-point (and wind-tunnel in the desert). The entire skin of the mega-buildings and infrastructure IS the energy generation device. The stone crystal is geometically designed at the atomic level. I got a second snippet vision at a latter date which showed me alternating silver-gold layers sandwiched between silicon quartz layers. I would like to try myself at some point to work with ceramic solar collecting cells or at least fund someone who is working on them.

The shape and luminescence of the buildings revealed their function in Cosmic Design, showed what they were made of and even intimated the level of psychological and spiritual development of the builders. Great arches, smooth and featureless, radiating brilliantly in the sunlight, with an inner spiritual light and resonance of their own. It was apparent that these buildings were made out of a man-made silicate stone and that the stone itself was collecting energy from sunlight and conveying the current via superconduction to storage in liquid crystal storage batteries or superconducting magnetic energy coils. Thus the buildings themselves generate enormous quantities of inexhaustible clean energy for all the energy needs of the city and beyond.

Solaris is made of a manmade-crystalline silicon stone that incorporates the monoatomic state of the transition group elements (eg: iridium, rhodium, palladium) into its nano layered lattice. Sonar technology and EMFs in a sound chamber are used to help generate the lattice of the crystalline stone as it sets in such a fashion that it becomes a superconductor and collector of light energy, which is then stored in liquid crystal batteries. And if John Hutchinson’s crystal batteries are a taste of what is to come, then Solaris also generates energy from Zeropoint.

The nano silicate ceramic stone is semi-opaque so that diffuse light is transmitted through the walls during the day reducing artificial lighting needs, and is slightly luminous at night. The Solaris vision showed me that the arches are solar collecting ceramic stone, because the arches do not impinge on each other shadow-wise until just before sundown. For the majority of the day there is very little shadow forming on adjacent buildings. So the crescent shape of these mega structures is the perfect form for maximum light absorption and energy generation. Note that the shadows one sees in the paintings were created from the angle of the sun at 6:30 pm on a summer evening.  Also for the purpose of creating these paintings I spaced these building closer than they would be in the actual city.

Durability—These buildings are designed to be practically immortal, therefore they must be situated beyond the anticipated boundary of the upcoming ice age. The durability, wind tolerance and earthquake proof capacities of this arch form make these buildings ideal for an ice age survival civilization, when winds will approach 250 mph.

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