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Stage Development of Willpower and Contribution

Here is a chart of the spectrum of consciousness and associated will, power and giving. This makes it easy to see where we are at with regards to energetic exchange so that we live and give regeneratively rather than sacrificially or parasitically. I have correlated various organs and areas of the body with the Stages of Consciousness from page 633 of “Integral Psychology,” by Ken Wilber and associated them with various types of ‘giving or service’ and finally with the stages of the evolution of the will and power principle. The Sovereign Will spirals around from inner illumination to externalized accomplishment throughout its evolution…growing through the hyperbolic cyclic play of internal yin and external yang processes.

1. Gonads—Presocial autistic (Reactive, fusion)——‘Dependent’
Extraverted will, Fear-based Rage, blind physical force without regard for consequences, desire for violence and catharsis; sadism expressed in various forms against self and others.
2. Adrenals—Symbiotic (Naïve)——‘Submissive’
Introverted will, Passive-aggressive, internalized rage, need for drama and revenge, strong inner saboteur that victimizes the self.
3. Gall Bladder—Impulsive (Manipulative)——‘Servile’
Introverted will, Bilious-force, submission with internal resistance, aggression due to helplessness.
4. Spleen—Self Protective (inferiority)——‘Addictive codependent’
Extraverted will, Guilt-force, Manipulative punishment and reward tactics.
5. Pancreas—Conformist (industry)——‘Conciliatory’
Introverted will, Weak-will, resolution to submit to external powers, good little child; diversion and scattered motivation.
6. Liver—Conscientious-conformist (role confusion)——‘Bargaining unconsciously’
Extraverted will, Righteousness-indignation, appeal to justice at the egoic level, holding grudges.
7. Thymus—Conscientious (identity)——‘Trading consciously’
Introverted will, Law-enforcement, fairness, rules to reduce chaos, enhance order/organization and increase the civilizing principle.
8. Heart—Individualistic (consistency)——‘Non-competitive truce’
Extraverted will, Good-will, friendly attempt at equality, inner/outer nonviolence and inclusion.
9. Thyroid—Autonomous (differentiated from ego)——‘Intellectual concourse’
Introverted will, Equalitarianism, Intelligent inquiry on the best means and creative outcome for Win-Win.
10. Third Eye—Integrated (authentic)——‘Creative synthesis’
Extraverted will, Partnership of equals, 1st transcendence of the force of dominance and submission; semi-permanent grounding in one’s Truth.
11. Crown—Transcendent (active genius)——‘Merger of souls’
Introverted will, Soul-Synergy of genius in service of mutual Art.
12. Full Integration—Unitary (Saint, Sage)——‘Pouring forth of Divine Grace’
Extraverted will, Mutual Art in service of the enlightenment of all humanity.
13. Realization—Nondual (Noetic-Self, Avatar)——‘One Being, no separation’
Introverted will, self-transcendence, Ultimate empowerment used exclusively for transanthropomorphic wellbeing of all creatures.

Thus we see that the compulsive dominant/submissive duality of the Borg arises from the lower conscious forms of will that are weak or less empowered. Sadomasochism encompasses both the dominator’s aggression as force and preemptive entitlement, and the submissive’s aggression in the form of seduction and manipulation in an effort to get apparent needs met. As our needs and self-responsibility evolve along with our empowerment to meet those needs, this growth is synonymous with the evolution of will itself. The levels of Stage Development of the Will to Power and Contribution can be combined with the Spiral Dynamics chart to provide a clear staircase to achieving sovereignty and enlightenment. The panoramic view of the spectrum of the evolution of consciousness, service and will gives us great hope for the potential growth of humanity and life on earth. Clarifying the levels allows us to better understand the underlying motivations of ourselves and others and to clearly dissect the apparent complexity of reality to bring about constructive change.

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