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To write a book on power abuse in pyramid structured organizations I needed a term to call the perpetrator, both male perps, female perps and unisex perps. Power slut works good for females, but might wear on one's nerves over time like the power slut herself. I think perhaps “powerhoe,” might work for both males and females. As you can see I am equating power abuse with sexual promiscuity and sex abuse or sex harassment for in both cases the normal boundaries associated with sovereign integrity and personhood are violated. Power harassment, power cannibalism, power addiction, or power lust involves the promiscuous disregard for sovereignty of others in order to obtain the power-drug.

If both the language, the lore and the law are built up around the notion that power addiction is equivalent and similar to sex addiction and sexual promiscuity...we might be able to shift human social evolution in an upward direction. So the words I use to "label" power perps must be both classic, permissible in legal discussion if not in court, and humorous. Silence in the face of breaches to our sovereignty supports the processes of dehumanization that leads to the domestication, homogenization and pasteurization of humanity. We must find a way to speak our truth to become our truth. Only humor can deconstruct the thorny walls of the power pyramid that were constructed to serve the few and entrap the many.

Generally speaking, our emotional state is generated by our mood and interpretations of events. When we interpret difficulty such as a negative boss as an obstacle, we feel angry and frustrated. While if we view our boss as "exactly what we need now in order to become a better person," we experience a sense of calm certitude and appreciation. If we cannot fully accept our circumstances or outcomes such as the presence of a toxic boss, or poor health, we will not be able to interpret these outcomes in a positive light.When we reject a negative, we just create a double negative. Double negatives tend to accumulate until we are drowning in the refuse of our own procrastination and self-negation.

If we engage our circumstances proactively this provides us with the energy, insight and resources to deal with challenges and apparent negatives. Thus we must simultaneously “accept” the malevolence of the existing power programs and maintain a positive attitude, while not capitulating to dehumanizing and sadistic torture, and making efforts to elevate the surrounding power structures towards  equity and sovereign unity.

The cowardly inability to address and challenge those who hurt us and who undermine our sovereignty, allows an open invitation to others to abuse us in kind. Depending on the severity and nature of the attack there may be the need for time to heal in order to redress the perpetrator from a place of empowerment rather than victimhood. However, once we are on our feet again, if we do not at least tell the perp that what they said or did was wrong, then our wound never really does heal completely.

If we go through life with repeated unresolved wounds, subconsciously we invariably expect to be treated like garbage...and so we attract continued violation against our being and the mutilation of our soul. The death of the soul is not so much due to complying with the exploitative regime of the death culture, it is due to the lack of conscious active initiation, participation and exploration of our lives. The robust and free thinking mind can find its way out of any cage...created by self or others. Mind becomes its own messiah, given the universal perspective of the wholebrain, and the depth of the heart.

Obviously any efforts we make to resolve the damage and heal the wound should be undertaken in a manner which will prevent further harm and negative repercussions against us. With regards to damages to health, genes and quality of life that bullying inflicts we might regard gender-power harassment as being worse than sexual harassment, because there are no systems for psychological or legal help to bring about resolution and restitution. In fact there is barely even the language available to describe the perverse, underhanded and occult nature of gender-power harassment and so punishment and compensation should reflect the profound "difficulty" around expressing and correcting such crimes against society and humanity.

We have a long way to go towards generating a society in which the sovereign rights of the individual are respected such that individuals can indeed grow to become all that they ARE and not be crippled and twisted by a system that breeds and rewards psychopathy. If we give free reign to sadism then we are part of the problem, even as we be pummeled into undifferentiated, indeterminate sludge. There is no place for cowards in a sovereign world...those cowards who bully and those who allow it to continue.

The mind creates and perceives its own reality filtered through a lens composed of past knowledge and experience. Bullying, danger, damage, difficulty, shock and experiences that are fear and pain based tend to be more deeply engrained in the autonomic brain, essentially to protect the organism from potential future threats. Pervasive unconscious fear is concretized in the neuromusculoskeletal system, stagnating all Flows, impeding metabolism and handicapping growth.

Trauma victims see the world through a veil of mistrust, grief and defeat. Thus the lens of perception created by armoring produces an apriori paranoia, fear and traumatic delusion—which tends to act as a magnetic attractor to further dark, shadowy and pathological attacks. This weariness and closed heartedness can be so systemic and ingrained that we fail to even notice it. Our innocence, faith and optimism having been scarred, we go through life with one foot in the grave, in a pessimistic atmosphere of doom and foreboding.

A pervasive fear of being ridiculed, attacked, abducted and abused works on the subliminal level to zap our energy and undermine our lives. Even one instance of abuse or bullying can be carried on in our system not only in our own lives, but passed down through generations through the epigenetic expression or inhibition of certain genes. For more on the epigenetics of trauma see: Inheritance: How "Rare" Diseases Unlock Cures for Everyone by Sharon Moalem.

The Borg or wetiko is not so much a mind virus but a pruning of the neurological system through lack of recognition and acknowledgement of higher faculties of being. Parents pass on their own shame and lack of self-love onto their children either through neglect or abuse or both. The way to stop the emotional plaque is through self-love and self-respect...compassion that spreads like a tsunami from a bleeding heart. Compassion IS worldcentric, it is the world feeling for itself.

Part of being a world caretaker is to not allow oneself to be victimized. We cannot do much about being misunderstood, but we can speak out against injustice. It is so much easier to just go along with being a victim and to not stand up to tyranny and abuse. To do so is not compassionate for ourselves and certainly not compassionate for an abusing powerhoe who needs to be given an opportunity to redeem their cannibalistic ways. Complying with sadomasochism is a one-way ticket to hell for both the powerhoe and victim alike.

The collective traumatic brain damage, cellular deterioration from stress and emotional/behavioral disturbance from being the target of the delinquency of powerhoes...contributes to The Fall of Man through separation, rejection, dejection and loss of connection. Thus if we bring the conversation to the fore and openly discuss the unnecessary devastation we endure due to the nasty side of our simian nature we may create social conditions in which sociopathy can no longer flourish. A “system” is only as good as the individuals within the system, and for a system to flourish it must support the thrival of all members within the system. Thus a thrivocracy is the only rational approach to the arch template of governmental and organizational systems.

The sovereign enlightened perspective must take into account the corrupt, unjust and supercilious nature of the powerhoe’s greed that ultimately bankrupts everything it touches.  In this day and age when we have so little time to turn the ship around, collaborating with the enemy and placating the powerhoe’s wrath by going along with obsolete systems of exploitation, extortion and abuse means that we are letting the future slip away, not just for ourselves but for the entirety of human progress and global evolution.

For more on the epigenetics of trauma see: Inheritance: How "Rare" Diseases Unlock Cures for Everyone by Sharon Moalem.

Psychosis and Power: Threats to Democracy in the Self and the Group, James M. Glass

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