Wednesday, June 11, 2014


With Solarpsi I am suggesting a type of timing orchestrated by the changes of positive/negative polarity in sun’s solarwind creating a type of brainstate window of correspondence between the prevision and the event itself. Contemplating this kind of dissolves my brain because our understanding of time then becomes lost to solar-earth positioning and electromagetic-gravitational effects. Contemplating solarpsi is a mind expanding thought experiment.

For 20 years I have been keeping my eyes out for some substantial work on earth-solar physics and its effects on biology...and I found 70 pages of it in the back of Tutankhamum Prophecies: The Sacred Secret of the Maya Egyptians, and Freemasons by Maurice Cotterell.
Now I am not big on speculation on ancient civilizations, but there is some very useful info in Cotterells book which can be used to piece together the larger picture. For example he says solar max there is increased flocculation of albumen which means more heart attacks and strokes at this time. This must be due to a higher cosmic ray influx with the increased solar flares. This flocculation could also lead to certain behaviors like warfare, crime and marital breakup due to chaos and biochemical "clogging" of our consciousness and hence behavior. It was even found that babies born around solar max have a higher incidence of schizophrenia.
If this is the case then we can expect a pretty chaotic time going through the galactic ecliptic and upcoming solar max...because of the increased cosmic rays. And for those of you thinking of making a baby, either make it right now, or wait until after 2012. Or keep a watch out to see what the stats are on cosmic rays as we enter the ecliptic, there may in fact be no increase in their numbers in the galactic horizontal which case baby making could start up again after solar max.
We need to chart the solar cycle with the birth of geniuses, because there might be some correlation to geniuses being created just after solar babies conceived sept-oct of the second year after max.

The scientific community is gearing up to study cosmic rays and the solar flares. The medical world also needs to use this opportunity to observe the physical and mental-behavioral effects of the flares-cosmic ray influxes on their patients. For the rest of us we need to increase the colloidal zeta potential of our cells, build mineral and enzyme resources and "meditate"...I have an intuition that because meditation affords some electromagnetic separation from the earths EMF that it will not stop cosmic ray influence in the body, but will strengthen the body against any effects, DNA damage, flocculation etc...

Fasting, meditation and purification-spiritual practices in general make consciousness more mobile and receptive...more liable is the term I like to use.
Solar flares, cosmic rays, shifts in the earths EMF, gravitational tidal effects, Shumann resonance etc...all these impact the water in our bodies and its properties, as well as all the processes and structures in our cells and intercellular fluids. Changes in the spectrum of light from the sun also have effects, along with the weather, ion content of the air and geomagnetic and latitudinal influences.

Meditation according to Paul Devereux in Earthmind meditation allows the yogi some degree of differentiation from the influences of the earth's EMF. I think this is because the heart and brain fields of the meditator are stronger and thus are able to hold a stronger morphogenic forming pattern to the bodies energy. The influences are still the same, but the tenacity of the structured order of the bodymind makes the meditator more impervious to outside rays and fields. This is not to say the meditator becomes less sensitive, they are actually more sensitive as a sensing instrument, but that their stronger morphogenic presence resists "deflection" and perversion from “outside” influences.

Life is imprinting...everything imprints us into who we are. We being reasonably conscious creatures can select to a certain degree via attraction and repulsion what energetic imprints we are exposed to and hence determine what we will become, through the continuous alteration and manipulation of our environment. We pattern ourselves to our environment through our responses be they aggression, opposition, passivity, reception, cooperation, sympathetic resonance or unification. The stronger the heart-field the more we can maintain our integrity within the complexity of external influences.

"Increase in the viscosity or stickiness of protoplasm and body fluids is associated with contraction and congestion of tissue. Aging itself is related to dehydration of protoplasm, decreased colloidality and increased viscosity. I am convinced that emotion and thought influences viscosity of fluids, perhaps by altering pH." Phoenix Rising, Jana Dixon

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