Sunday, March 25, 2012


You are the only person that can be 100% of what you aspire to be by crawling up the meme spiral of this Boschian dystopia.

The quality of our energy, thoughts, behaviors and our capacity for equity is related to the amount of Chi we have and the integration of the bodymind. I use the term Chi here because it covers both energy and consciousness...which is really one thing. In cooked consumer culture most people are still operating from old-brain modes for they have not built enough energy for heart-brain integration and prefrontal cortex Witnessing. Plus the dopamine reward system in the brain has been eroded by denaturing and over stimulating substances.

Thus we have conditions where the first aspect of Natural Law...("Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you") doesn't automatically kick in, because the Borg individual cannot Witness the moral validity of their actions and is driven by out-of-control drives for unnatural pleasures. If they cannot emotionally "feel" right and wrong beyond the animal pleasures of sex, status-power, competition etc... then it is the primary drives that are in the drivers seat, while the pilot is out to lunch. To understand ourselves we must see the socioneurobiology of the compulsive addiction to unnatural pleasures through the use of dark or negative power such as dominance, manipulation, seduction coercion, deceit, thievery, usury, and other such infringements on the omnipotence of sovereignty.

This is the problem we have as a sovereign, because in our equity-ethos we want to give everyone credit for the Witnessing level of morality, while many are still groveling around in the primitive programs with no way to self-correct or ethically regulate themselves. Unless you are making a study of animal behavior therefore, it is prudent to make your work place and personal relationships with those who are at your level of Chi, Witnessing and prefrontal cortex development. For empathy to work as the primary judge and jury of Natural Law there must first be the capacity to "feel" into the moral quality of one's motivations and behaviors, plus the capacity to "see" how we impact the sovereign well-being of others. Morals, foresight of consequence, motivation and Witnessing...make up the transpersonal heightened perspective of "Fair Witnessing"...(as per Robert Heinlein in Stranger in a Strangeland). So here we have a nice correspondence between the sovereign moral code, Fair Witnessing, Grokking and mutuality born from empathy (nottwo).

The capacity for Grokking and establishing the Fair Witness is achieved by building the Uraeus - that is, establishing strong dopamine circuits into the upper prefrontal cortex via meditation, that can then powerfully administer the limbic and reptilian systems. Without putting our executive director (sovereign) fully in charge and giving him or her the license to rule our lives, we are victim to compulsions, addictions and habits arising from our dissatisfied, disaffected and disgruntled animal self. The Nucleus Accumbens Septi is thought to play an important role in reward, pleasure, laughter, addiction, aggression, fear, and the placebo effect. Major inputs to the nucleus accumbens include prefrontal association cortices, amygdala, and dopaminergic neurons located in the ventral tegmental area (VTA).

It is the dopaminergic input from the VTA modulates the activity of neurons within the nucleus accumbens, which is also the site of action of highly-addictive drugs that cause an increase in dopamine levels in the nucleus accumbens. When these dopamine circuits are fried by drugs or addictive behaviors the prefrontal lobes cannot act as the principle regulator of the fear response from the amygdala, nor act to kurb the addictive motivations from the nucleus accumbens…in this way we lose our self-dominion. Having lost dominion over our animal responses and drives, they rule the roost and our Fair Witness, executive decision making and natural moral compass fly out the window. Such is the plight of the fallen ones. The good news is that on unpacking how we got into this condition as a species, we can clearly see how we can jointly get out of it together to re-establish the noble human…with full dominion and unlimited license to create within the guiding light of natural law.

For more on how this dopaminergic system operates see the DVD Understanding the Brain by Jeanette Norden, part 3, The Teaching Company.

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