Wednesday, March 28, 2012


"We all just need clear people to bounce off of so we can see our own light." Jacquelyn Small, Becoming Naturally Therapeutic.

The evolving perspective uses the mirror of the integrity of each individual’s sovereignty. The perfect cosmic connection and sovereignty of the individual is the mortar of the mystic civilization. Equity leadership is an approach to collective “We” management, through self-dominion. The “We” cannot organize itself autopoeitically unless each individual is evolving as a mature sovereign and is empowered by their cosmic Muse. Each individual brings whatever self-authority they have to the group organization according to their “role” and so this empathetic model of management can work within existing hierarchical structures to increase efficiency and reduce toxic power-stress.

Equity leadership brings humaneness to lower meme organization, but it is more effective at the level of the green meme and above, due to the self-reliance, empowerment and self-assurance of those with a coherent prefrontal-lobe/Heart resonance. The more the “higher human” is actualized, the more collective “We” management works as the only viable alternative governing system…that allows the HUman to keep growing and evolving. Only equity leadership supports the emergence, function and efficiency of the whole “spiritual” individual, and the “spiritual” society.

Circle guidance systems attempt to solve the problems associated with punitive authoritian systems such as deferment of responsibility, hesitancy, silence, excessive peacekeeping, obsequence, sycophantism, unconsciousness, coasting, power-stress and basic mismanagement etc…Equity leadership is based on “excellence-with,” instead of “competition-against” which only breeds stress, sickness, negative emotions, lack of safety, friction and lack of trust. Each team member is equally invested in the success of the team, and so each team member has each other’s back.

Each member of the circle strives to be healthy, energized, vital and sovereign inspired. Thus uniqueness, genuineness and personal empowerment are actively encouraged so that the whole is made stronger by the aliveness of the parts. Thus each member is responsible for the upkeep of their own energy, purity of intent and emotional invincibility. Plus care for team members is upfront, with no hesitation through sensitive, empathetic observation, suggestion and guidance. Faltering and suffering team members are inquired into as to what is holding them back or hurting them. Concerns are given voice quickly so that all team members can rise to the excellence genius/genesis, boosted by group enthusiasm and thrival. Members act spontaneously in the moment to keep up the flow of connection and psychological buoyancy, regulated by constructive and entertaining feedback and encouragement.

The objective of the equity leadership game is to keep the ball afloat through positive emotions and good will. Equity or circle leadership is all about assertive proactivity and fixing it before it is broken. Trouble is sorted out behind troublemaker’s backs, as this creates an energy shift that rectifies their dysfunction, hence the issue may no longer need addressing with them. Compassionate leadership is undertaken without intrigue, fear, clinging, enmeshment, emotional gravity, attachment or fixation on specific results. Move fast and efficient in your own time and space but when around others slow down to “their” pace. Open communication is factual, without emotional charge or much analysis or story…this helps others assimilate useful information without contraction or resistance.

Through being seated in the assurance, silence and truth of one’s sovereign connection we give no heed to being liked, wanted, respected or included. That is we are strong enough through our meta-adaptive practices and prefrontal lobe maturity, that we don’t overreact and thus have increased social immunity and reduced stress response to others. Circle leadership is based on the Golden Rule, and so each and every member in a family, business, institute, organization or nation is our friend through the mutual support of the sovereignty of the individual. Most socioemotional difficulty and disease is generated from power-over competition and the paranoia that it generates. In caring, sympathetic circle team management we can give 100% of our energies to positivity, creativity and enjoyment of our living and working domains to set ourselves free to become ever more human and humane.

More important than the impossible job of reconstituting road to prevent the road kill in the first place by rectifying society through increasing the sovereignty of the individual.

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