Saturday, March 24, 2012


Various types of men may use gender as an opportunity to dismiss the humanity and intellect of women. If they cannot manipulate for sexual pleasure, they may go for the underhanded pleasure of power abuse. Having lost all interest in men as sexual beings since my awakening, but still keen to establish intellectual camaraderie, I started to notice a disturbing trend in a few men I encountered. On interacting with them say over coffee or at work, they would start to turn nasty on me. They seemed to be pretending that I was attracted to them, so they could reject me. Since my principle trauma is infant rejection I was first baffled and stunned. But my not having status, power, money or credentials and being of a cerebral rather than seductive nature I can see why this was happening.

The types of men that did this ranged from the powerful to the powerless. The common denominator it seems was that I was not responding to them as a sexual female and so they automatically wanted to punish me. Instead I was relating to them as a thinking human and potential friend. But because I was being a human rather than a gender they used my gender against me to humiliate me for being a female, because I was not seductive or submissive. They were using sexual rejection in a power-over effort to extort energy out of me that they couldn’t get via sex. Since from my point of view I was engaged in a “HUman” exchange, rather than a sexual encounter, I couldn’t understand why they were behaving subhuman.

This form of predation is obviously unlawful and dare I say evil, but now that I have worked it out it is understandable in terms of unconscious social dynamics. There must be ways of establishing friendly intellectual interactions with men without having to pretend you are interested in them sexually, while avoiding them kicking you in the head for not playing the knee-jerk sex game properly. As a sovereign, simply being sexual so you can enjoy the pleasure of men’s company without abuse is not an option. So there must be another way of avoiding this gender rejection psycho-sociobiology.

The main tool of the predator is stealth, so these unaware men are likely to invite you out with the subconscious intention of sabotage. One way of avoiding such trauma is to only consent to the company of intellectual equals. Also we must be aware that we are engaging because we “want” to and are not merely motivated by helping, fixing, saving, healing, teaching or informing. Then to ensure a clean playing field we must make sure before we agree to meet up, that it is clear we are interested in a “human” experience and that you are interested in them for their mind and friendship (ie: teliophilia). Explicitly stating up front the parameters of gender neutrality, gender irrelevance and gender truce will probably eliminate sexual-rejection vampires from your life completely.

Whether they are at the top or the bottom of the status scale, men primarily experience themselves as sexual beings of a certain power ranking and are not necessarily aware that there are other modes of being to be had. Therefore it is up to sovereign women to take charge and teach men, through loving guidance on how to be HUman, before being a male and a rank. If we go around marginalizing each other for being a sex object just because we are responding to unconscious biological programming, then we will never build an actual civil and awakened society. Sex and sexual rejection on such an unconscious level will destroy every bit of creativity, genius and spiritual light we have got going. While we remain starving for actual enlightening HUman company.

There is no greater high than the crystalline heights of the illuminated mind. Without question it is the contact buzz of jnana yoga that is the force of creation and civilization building itself. We cannot begin to awaken if we default on spiritual cerebral connection in exchange for the mere power plays and meaningless friction of runting animals. We will arrive at sovereign sexuality, when we are so self contained and completed by our own energy and the Muse, that relationship is not desired, needed or sort after. Then the whole person is totally free to respond only to Muse for the purpose of fulfilling the Muse. We become completed or realized when we are directed autopoetically from the cosmos itself, and not from our deficiency needs...which can only end up in more deficiency and disaster.

PS: Men, please leave comments on the types of power abuse you receive from women, and I will try and unpack them for you.


  1. I have felt this power play in my own life. Thank you for bringing it to such clarity.
    Great article!


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  3. Women, especially those who would be diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, shame, blame, hold grudges, make demands, use silent treatment as a weapon, hit, punch, abandonment, use a constant threat of dating other men that may approach them or who they may be set up with by a co-worker, to manipulate and control far too many men to meet their entitlement (narcissistic) demands instead of making requests that allow for free choice. Women have a perpetrator shadow just as much as men do; women are known for taking men's money in a divorce, money they didn't have to put a business suit on and aggressively deal with other men 40+ hours a week to make in the first place. Women perpetrate out of 'playing the victim' (the innocent denying one/ blamer/ shamer) of their own lack of empathy and communication skills. 'Everyone' ABUSES and PERPETRATES! Abuse is using my power OVER another to meet my needs at their expense. Shadow is what we hide, repress, and deny! Everyone has shadow!!! We must all own our perpetrator shadows!!!

  4. Predation and parasitism are presovereign methods of attaining needs. I like to say 99% of Borg sex is prostitution. So predation, parasitism and prostitution is what we do in relationship prior to becoming sovereign. Presovereign relationship is a dead end in which both parties are made less than who they are. With sovereignty comes freedom and liberation. Only then with the possibility of relationship with a sovereign peer can it be a creative union that is more than the sum of the parts.