Friday, March 23, 2012


Becoming sovereign is a matter of "showing up" and using latent capacities that we all have. The sovereign has a conviction in their heart that is greater than the inertia and gravity of culture.

Inequity between the sexes in staunchly patriarchial cultures produces codependent relationship modes that damage the brain of men and women, both through the abuse of power and the forfeiting of personal empowerment. When men are mothered by unsovereign, disempowered women, this makes men fear needing women from having been inadequately mothered in the first place and not released from mothering into their sovereign adulthood. This fear gets turned into the urge to dominate and so there is the shaming and demeaning of women as less than human, which keeps women in their reptilian, old mammalian brain structures. The hindbrain uses more primitive survival tactics that makes women servile, victim prone, pandering and unable to know or speak their truth and "grow up."

As a child, dependent, subordinate, female or anyone of a lower power-status, we have had to deny our own reality and self-expression in order to survive and keep the peace through not challenging inequity. When we have failed to choose self-determinacy and utilization of our prefrontal powers of self-reliance, we resort to the childish ways of seduction, bribery, control, manipulation, group bullying and threats. Thus the neurological process of the suppression of consciousness is both subtle and extreme within our make up...being passed down genetically, energetically and behaviorally...through the entirety of our species past. The same process of power-over suppression can be found in almost all species in the animal kingdom…representing the dynamic hold of the unconscious over the conscious mind.

With conscious, nondependent and transpersonal mothering...and the emotional releasing of sons by healthy sovereign mothers...the more primitive, codependent forms of male/female relationship can be avoided, along with the severe retardation and brain damage that comes from forfeiting one's sovereignty and executive functions. The brain doesn't even begin to become whole, mature and sovereign until the individual makes that inner decision to be Self-reliant and not other-dependant.

Learned fear involves learning and memory and so the hippocampus and amydgala are tightly involved in maintaining our triggers and stress response. While the prefrontal cortex needs to be engaged in order to “unlearn” a response laid down during learned fear. But if we have negated or avoided initiation of the prefrontal cortex then we cannot unlearn our fear response, and so are caught transfixed in a narrow range of hindbrain behavioral alternatives. Robert Sapolsky was among the first to document the damaging effects of the stress hormones (glucocorticoids) on the neurons in the hippocampus. In particular people who have endured horrible stress, such as war veterans and victims of prolonged childhood sexual abuse, are often fated to suffer permanent damage to the hippocampus, with consequent memory loss. Sapolsky's research also found that in the hippocampus, glucocorticoids inhibit glucose transport in the neurons thereby disrupting energy storage in the cells. Thus the stressed brain is not firing on all cylinders.

Since we live in a presovereign society, a woman usually has to learn through suffering or insight to finally claim her own unique sovereign stature. A woman who aborts her sovereignty and self-authority, brain damages herself through her dependency to men. Having defaulted on her own directorial freedom her choices have become limited and she is on a downhill slide into tired infantile melodrama. This lobotomization of woman’s prefrontal executive powers one might call The Baby Doll Aphrodite Complex. The Baby Doll Aphrodite is a voluntary victim...or rather she has defaulted or abdicated from her own self initiated sovereignity or whole personhood. This is largely a cultural phenomena due to the prostitutionalization of women into house slaves and porn freaks, in magazines, movies, marketing etc... Since sex sells, in a culture of usury we sell sex...on all levels. Sex you can take to the bank. Sex is money and money is sex. But there can be no real pleasure or purpose in it...for in the hindbrain mode all sex and money is entropic and degrading.

When the wholebrain is not accessed and the sovereign life is not only latency of poorly developed prefrontal lobes that occurs, but actual damage due to cortisol, free radical inflammation, especially to the hippocampus...part of the limbic system involved in the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long-term memory and spatial navigation. Baby Dolls are thus a little disconnected from reality, dissociated and spacially challenged ie: a little woozey on their feet. Since the consumer culture still accepts the kept bimbo as a viable career model...the phenomena will continue on into the those who do not have a strong drive for truth, integrity and independence. The more we can start gender equity and sovereignty education in kindergarten, the faster we will evolve beyond the hindbrain relationship modes.

Both polarities of dominance and submission have their own versions of power-abuse which encroach upon the sovereignty of each other. And since the equation is basically brain damaging, presovereign relationship is unhealthy as it suspends growth, evolution and thus threatens the survival of the human species itself. The spark of sovereignty IS the spark of sanity, for without it, we are doomed to endless confusion, stress, depression, degeneration and conflict. The babies of this earth deserve to arrive into sane, safe, healthy homes, where the parents are mutually responsible for the growth and sovereignty of their mate...and that of their children.

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